how listening to music has changed

How listening to music has changed

How listening to music has changed! Times have changed a lot specifically, how listening to music has changed. Every day there is something that new furthers our technology. Let’s discuss the biggest ways things have changed on how we listen to music. I want this post to go along with our amazing Full Tech podcast where we discussed it! You …

Weird Appalachia #13 and Full Tech #20 August 11th Podcasts

Weird Appalachia Episode 13: Frida the Rebel Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play Weird Appalachia 13 one of the August 11th Podcasts! Weird Appalachia 13 one of the August 11th Podcasts The artsy ladies from Eastern KY from a small town known as Magoffin County Salyersville bring you another great Art podcast! Frida Kahlo! Artist, feminist icon, and rebel ‘til the end. We are celebrating …

Fight Cancer

KNG’s First Event – Come out and Fight Cancer

KN Gaming is seeking out to help Fight Cancer The First great Event, KN Gaming is going to fight cancer. Zedd a high ranking officer in the KN Gaming world is doing some mighty fantastic work to fight cancer! We want everyone to come out and support him on twitch. All the KN Staff will be attending and be moderating …

Audio Garbage

Latest Weird Appalachia Podcast – Audio Garbage

The Latest WA Podcast has released Audio Garbage Episode 9! The Weird Appalachia podcast is taking over the world with the latest episode Audio Garbage! The Episode topics are: Musical artistic expression or just a lot of noise? This episode we are talking about bizarre music genres! Topics: Kawaii Metal Lowercase Vaporwave Speedcore and Splittercore Places you can listen! There …


Gamer Spotlight: Not Fame, Just Notoriety

Gamer Emili Elfving is a female gamer that hails from Sweden, bearing a striking resemblance to Brigitte, who is a new playable character in Overwatch. Known best as PinkPsychoBunny or Bunny for short in the gaming community. A tattooed darling with an infectious laugh and friendly smile, you easily start to forget just how terrifying she can be playing as …

Weird Appalachia

Everyone listen to the Weird Appalachia Podcast!

Episode One Released Today! You can listen to the first official podcast of the Weird Appalachia Podcast right in your browser! If you want the feed you can put it into any of your favorite podcast listenings feeds using this! Weird Appalachia Weekly podcast centered around all things art and Appalachia, and weird, of course. Podcasters include Erin Conley, …

Kentucky Sports Podcast

KN Sportscast the Kentucky Sports Podcast April 21st 2018!

KN Sportscast the Kentucky Sports Podcast April 21st 2018! The latest Kentucky Sports Podcast is now avaliable on all famous Podcast hosts! iTunes Google play and below Stitcher! Be sure to check it out and let us know how we did! Don’t forget to check out all of our other podcasts! SmangoCreator of and