KentuckyNerd’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks

Gaming Snacks

Top 10 Gaming Snacks!

Who doesn’t love gaming? Who doesn’t love delicious snacks!? What about Gaming Snacks!?

Here are the KYNerd’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks to munch on while I’m downing the final boss of the dungeon.

# 10 – Chex Mix

Gaming Snacks

This great little snack is almost the only way you will ever get me to eat a pretzel. My favorite part of Chex Mix is the little brown biscuits. I’ve even tried them separate (not as good) and there is just something about it only taste great combined.

Recipes started to circulate around in 1952. So thanks 1952 for making this one of the great gaming snacks of all time.

# 9 – Popcorn

Gaming Snacks

Listen, we all know that popcorn is the go to snack for the big screen. Well, guess what most games have some of the greatest cutscenes I’ve ever witness. So go to your microwave, or heck even the stove top and get you some of that white fluffy saltiness.  Add extra butter if you want but I prefer mine left alone. But, add some cheese flavor and we are in a whole different ballgame. Add this to your list of gaming snacks to pick up the next time you go to the grocery store.

# 8 – Sour Patch Kids

Gaming Snacks

“Sour. Sweet. Gone.”

That’s the main slogan of the Sour Patch Kids. While I don’t really find these sour at all, I think it was because of the addiction and warheads tests back in the 90s.

For my sweet tooth, it can’t get much better. It really was a toss up between these and Swedish fish which taste a lot similar. Sour Patch kids win in the end for me.

Nothing like popping a few of these after wiping on that raid boss for several hours to take the edge off.

# 7 – Pistachios

Gaming Snacks

My brother is the one that got me hooked on these bad boys. Before I had ever eaten a pistachio I was a huge cashew fan (still am) but after you successful get that little nut out of its prison. You get to finally enjoy its fantastic taste. While battling dark link in Zelda you can battle the mighty Pistachio shell at the same time it’s almost like a game, and at the end, you are satisfied either way.

Gaming Snacks

Listen I know there are shell-less ones but what’s the point then.

# 6 – Cheetos Crunchy

These cheese goblins of doom have probably put their fair share of work of increasing the circumference of my waist over the years. There is nothing like getting handed a bit slimy Cheeto dust covered controller after one of your buddies has spent the night. That is truly the downfall of the Cheeto, what to do with the cheese dust? Lick it off? Scrub your hand profusely until it’s cleaned?

I’m not sure if there is a wrong way or right way on what to do with the Cheeto cheese dust. If you don’t mind the extra amount of cheese this is clearly one of the top gaming snacks.

# 5 – Trail Mix

Gaming Snacks

From what I’ve gathered it was in the 1910s that a hiker said this was an excellent snack to take on his hikes. While I clearly thought this was a combination of some stoner coming into his/her kitchen completely baked and decided, hey what the heck I’ll throw all these M&Ms and Nuts together and see what happens.

I was wrong but it’s funnier to imagine it that way anyways.

Gaming Snacks

Gotta love the sweet and salty taste at the same time it hits all the tastes buds all at once for an amazing snack.

# 4 – Cheez-it Hot & Spicy

Gaming Snacks

When it comes to just plain cheese, I would rather choose Cheese-Nips over regular Cheez-it. They, however, don’t even come close to the amazing flavor these puppies deliver. I love spicy flavor like this and nothing and I mean nothing compares to these. I can eat a box of these in no time flat. It has the right about of spice that I could crave.

In 1921 somewhere in the dreaded state of Ohio someone came up with the great idea of adding cheese to crackers.  The more I research these snacks the more I notice that all awesome snacks were made back in the older days.

Gaming Snacks

# 3 – BBQ Corn Chips

I’m not a big fan of “Plain” tasting chips and plain ole corn chips fall right along those lines. The B-B-Q flavored corn chips, however… Are by far my favorite chips that are flavored well… BBQ. Grippos come in a close 2nd but I just love the crunch and the flavor these bad boys pack.

Corn Chips are the brother to the Tortilla Chip, which I’m about to get too. Corn chips are traditionally thicker and not as long as the Tortilla Chip.

# 2 – Doritos

Gaming Snacks

I really wish I had a penny for every Dorito I’ve eaten. I was notoriously known back in the day for tearing apart my buddies places looking for even stale doritios. If there was a dorito to be found and ate I would’ve probably eaten it. While I’ve slowed down my intake of the nacho cheese goddess, It’s still my all time favorite chip. You dip some of these into mild cheddar cheese dip, you best prepare your heart for a possible mini stroke, but my good people IT IS AMAZING,

Gaming Snacks

In 1993 Doritos hit a record of 1.2 billion retail sales. I was alive and 10 years old… I could use a thank you card or something Fritos… Just saying. If I ever fill like I need to be a fat kid again I always go out and get this as its always going to be one of my favorite gaming snacks of all time.

# 1 – Mountain Dew and Reese Cups

Gaming SnacksGaming Snacks

I don’t have to explain myself, yes I know it’s 2 items and I don’t care. I’m from Kentucky ok.. This wouldn’t be if I wasn’t!

The Mountain dew is a Hillbilly drink, and whoever thought that putting chocolate together with peanut butter is a sheer genius.

Who is that Genius you Ask? You did ask, right?

His name is H. B. Reese and he invited the Peanut Butter Cup in 1928.  I would thank H.B. but he died in 1956.

Add the caffeine + Sugar + Chocolate goodness. This is what you call the super combo so you can finally nail that 9 hit combo on Mortal Kombat so that your butt stops getting smoked on the online tournaments. This is what you grab!!

I hope you enjoyed!

What are you favorite snacks to take down the mighty boss and get the epic loot?

Comment down below!

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