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1. Introduce our Special Guest [@GGgamefixers]
2. Climate Change Real or Fake?
3. Sonic Mania Cracked because of always online (Figures)
4. North Korea Threatens to attack power grid (Also the fact [@PoliticalNerd] looked at a FoxNews article.)
5. DLC
6. Universal Healthcare
7. Is the SNES Classic (mini etc.) Worth it?
8. Airplane tickets where skyrocketed on delta airlines while others capped at $99 for hurricanes
9. What is the best retro game?
10. Security Tip – Don’t give information out freely
11. Destiny 2 PC Clan

The KN Podcast is about Technology, Politics, and Retro/Modern Gaming. We try to keep it, friendly family, as much as possible cuss words will always be bleeped out on the podcast. Luckily we haven’t had to do that as of yet! Take a listen and follow on Twitter or Facebook!
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