Remembering the Original Xbox Controller and all of its glory.

Ah, the Original Xbox, Microsoft’s real FIRST shot into the gaming “console” market.

Sure Microsoft has dabbled into creating operating systems for the Tandy which ran Windows 3.1, and The Dreamcast which ran Windows XP CE ( and we all know how well that went) which also had a big controller.
But the big black box with an X on it was nothing to sneeze at, here is one of the first consoles to put a hard drive inside, be online(besides Dreamcast), 4 controller ports ALL that one would need.
There was on thing though that really held Xbox up at the start at least in my mind.
This controller was massive. Normal human hands had trouble even using it, now it didn’t control bad, the buttons worked great it honestly was just TOO big.
There have been several HORRIBLE controllers over the years up to the Xbox release,
I mean I hate the Nintendo 64 controller
N64 Controller
Look how you had to hold the stupid thing.
 The Dreamcast controller
dreamcast controller
Sega finally introduced an Analog controller, but this thing is as BIG or bigger than the Duke button placement was weird, the UMD where pretty awesome for little extra games you could pack around, but just awful all around.
Not to mention the stupid cord that went at the bottom of the controller it was constantly getting in the way.
… and don’t even get me started on some of the atari controllers that was available.
So Xbox releases the DUKE and Halo, halo what a game, trust me you always had people wanting to come over to play HALO but everyone hated that controller.
Shortly greatness arrived.
The “S” Controller
Great button placement, fit in the hands almost perfect, triggers nothing but glorious.. if you didn’t have this controller and you played Halo you missed out.
But, then there were copy cats…. Sadly, there is always copycats or some company that comes out with a less expensive controller for your needs.
The #1 company that does is usually always MadCatz, now I’m not dissing on all of Mad Catz stuff most of the peripherals and cables I’ve used have been awesome and worked great, but man… if you bought one of their controllers… you just hated it.
shitty controller
If you’ve played Xbox with a bunch of people, I know you have used THIS controller. What a piece of junk, you’d even beg for a Duke controller at this point! If you were the sucker to grab the last controller out of the pile, you got this piece of crap you immediately regretted not bringing your own.
Playing the Original Xbox today(2016) isn’t that great of an experience, it’s loud, weighs about 25 pounds and takes up lots of room.
in the 2003-2007 era, though… this system brought many good times and friendship along the way.

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Gen Xbox S-Type Wired Game Pad Controller, Black

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