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Professional Information Technology Specialist in Kentucky


The KentuckyNerd

Welcome everyone to my online services page. I’m just a high-tech “redneck” from a small town in Kentucky that has technical skills which will be listed down below. Sometimes I go by the online handle Smango. This is my Professional and achievements page. It use to be a blog but I’ve branched most of all my old blogs posts to the ones listed down below.

I’ve always enjoyed Networking and now have fallen in love with Linux. I’ve been trying to learn some DevOps that is a new skill I’m trying to acquire so I can perform automation.

I’ve been in the IT Field for 7+ Years and now Currently Employed as a Network and System Engineer.

If you would like a copy of my resume please email [email protected] for professional Inquiries.

You can also check out all the Blogs/Websites, YouTube Channels, and Podcasts that I Service and host myself. If you would like help starting your own page feel free to message me. I might even be able to host it for you for a small fee.

Top Skills

  • Linux Administration (Ubuntu)
  • Windows Administrator
  • Active Directory
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Technical Support

Blogs and More

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