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KentuckyNerd’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks

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Top 10 Gaming Snacks! Here are the Smango’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks to munch on while I’m downing the final boss of the dungeon Who doesn’t love gaming? Who doesn’t love delicious snacks!? What about Gaming Snacks!? # 10 – Chex Mix Kicking the top 10 gaming snacks off with a bang! This great little snack is almost the only … Present the J and J Sports Show!

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Kentucky Nerd Officially starts a Sports Show. The sports show will be a facebook live show which we will upload to youtube later. We will have live call-ins and questions and just randomly talk about sports! It’s always kinda been a dream of mine to sit around and talk about sports so I figured hey why not do it with …

James is really enjoying his Retropie and is renewed!

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Here at Kentuckynerd, we could be no happier. James received his Retropie! I’m truly glad it went to someone who would truly enjoy it! From his email message, it seems like it was really meant for James! James sent me some photos because I asked so I could proudly show them off here! Sweet setup Kentuckynerd likes! Nice, he has …


Join the KYNerd Podcast – Sports Edition Today Live on Facebook 8 P.M.

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We will be live! I’m also working on a way to get callers so maybe if someone wants to call on they can ask a question really quick and we can try to answer it. My guest today is always the sports fanatic Johnivan Patrick you can follow him on facebook here – I will be hosting the podcast on …

Getting prepared for Quake Champions and where to start.

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Quake Champions is around the corner so maybe you are like me and want to shake off the rust Quake Champions is going to be different than Quake III but it looks similar.  TOO bad that hardly anyone plays the original Quake III anymore. Quake isn’t your normal copy paste Call of Duty game that anyone can just pick up …


Congrats to James for winning the Retropie!!!

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JAMES HANLON Is our Kentucky Nerd Retropie Winner. It is official he did respond to my email and I do have his address! I’m also glad to say it’s going to a home that the pie will be appreciated. So congratulations James I will be shipping this off some time on Monday. Be sure to share our website with all …

boost mode

PS4 4.50 Boost Mode on PS4 PRO! Testing Games Now!

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Testing games as of now to see what old titles get a performance increase from Boost Mode. Just downloaded the PS4 4.50 patch with comes with all kinds of goodies for the PS4 Pro like Boost Mode, the PS4 wasn’t left out either. You can now use a USB hard drive to install games. This should’ve happened on release as the …