J and J Sports Show Today 8 P.M. April 29th 2017

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The Sports Show begins at 8 P.M. EST Join in and enjoy this evening sports show hosted by the Kentuckynerd and the Sportsnerd. I hope everyone likes the new logo, I was going for a Jimmie Johns type logo because of the 2 Js. Somehow it started forming some type of football so I just went with it. Anyways I’m …

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Quake Champions Beta Invited! – Closed Beta April 27th!

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Quake Champions Beta Got invited to the closed beta. Too bad, it has an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement.) and I cannot show screenshots or really information at all. I will say that it is really fun. It took some things from other certain games like loot crates which are cool to unlock skins or whatever. I’ve played a few matches of …

NES Collecting

NES Collecting Helpful Guide and Tips

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NES Collecting can be fun, but it also can be very expensive. Let’s get that straight right off the bat about NES Collecting. It’s not that cheap anymore, after 2010 there has been a Retro game outburst in collecting. Given the right knowledge about collecting for the NES, you can probably save a few bucks here and there! I’ve collected …


Kentuckynerd LIVE! Podcast on Facebook Saturday 8 P.M. EST

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CAN YOU STUMP THE POLITICALNERD? We will be doing a Live Streaming PODCAST on Facebook at 8 P.M. EST. Tune in, ask questions online and a CALL IN LINE. THAT IS RIGHT! Voice your opinion see if you can Stump the Politicalnerd and all of his political knowledge. We will be talking about Technology and Current Politics as well as …


What Came first the Chicken, the Duck.. or the Chucky?

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Chucky, the legendary Chicken Duck. If somehow you missed this fantastic call you can catch it here on youtube. Chucky the legendary Chicken Duck story is told live on the air and on facebook! So what came first? The Chicken, The Duck, or the Chucky? The rest of the show is being uploaded on facebook as I write this post. …


Nesticle Emulator for NES turned 20 years old

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Nesticle Emulator turned 20 April 3rd, 2017. It’s hard to believe that one of the best Emulators growing up has already turned the ripe old age of 20. Nesticle was a ¬†huge part of my childhood growing up! Nesticle was developed by ¬†Bloodlust Software in 1997 and was the NES emulator of choice for quite the early ages of emulation. …