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Founder – Smango

JOhnathan Howard Kentucky

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I’ve always loved video games and Computers. Now I started this very site you are looking at

Where I can Blog and Podcast about all the nerdy stuff I can. I’m pretty passionate about my content I create and I’m finally glad I have a true place to do it.

I’m from a small town known as Magoffin County. I grew up on a farm like most people, I also grew up without a lot of money. Kentuckynerd really started my true blogging career.

Since then I’ve even launched another blog specific to Quake.

To reach me the fastest be sure to hit me up on Twitter or Discord!


Website Manager/Administrator

Kentucky Nerd

  • Name – Kyle Williams
  • Discord – iTechRemix#4964
  • Founder

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Kyle is a highly talented IT Professional. He started his own gaming forum and community. After telling him I wanted to start my own blog he has been nothing but helpful. He does check a lot of the small things on the website as well as recommended our new host! Kyle is someone we love having on the team for his technical expertise. Kyle has lived most of his life in Lexington Kentucky.