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Welcome to Smango’s corner!

Full of helpful links and equipment for just about anything nerdy you would want to do. Click on the name of the product or tool to take you somewhere you can download, review or perhaps purchase the item talked and linked here! I’ve personally used or do use most if not all these tools and equipment all the time.

It could be audio equipment to PC gaming hardware. Equipment links will guide you where to purchase them on Amazon if you are interested!

Top Computer Software for PC Maintenance

  • windirstat – Seriously this tool is amazing, stop worrying about CCleaner, that tools don’t help you really clean the deep pockets. Find out what’s really taking up your hard-drive space!

Social Media Information

I don’t really focus on any other Social Media Platform, I’d say if you were to pick one to get a hold of me the quickest would be Twitter.

Main PC Specifications

I use my main PC for gaming and editing purposes. Since AMD finally decided to get their act together (somewhat). I decided I wanted to them a try since I’ve read and heard so many good things about the AMD Ryzen 2700x Processor.

Here is my current Userbench Score – (I need new harddrives!!!)

I’ve never been one to really buy the BEST of the BEST PC hardware. I’ve always stayed around the Mid-High tier. As long as I’ve had 60 FPS in most PC games I’ve usually been happy. Ever since Quake Champions has come out and runs at around 120 for optimal performance I’ve needed a real reason to push my PC even further to achieve a solid 144 fps on most games.

PC Streaming Hardware and Audio Hardware

I highly recommend setting up a dedicated PC to handle all your streaming. If you are a console gamer. Then you probably already know how great it is to notice no input or streaming lag while streaming. Streaming lag usually happens whenever you are streaming on the same device that you are playing on.

In my mind, this is not an efficient way to game while streaming. Being able to perform at your best at all times is what you need to shoot for so it doesn’t affect your gameplay.

However, if you are wanting to play your first-person shooters at 144 FPS with a nice monitor it becomes a bit trickier to setup. I found that with an Nvidia graphics card and the Nvidia monitor settings you can have your main gaming screen 144hz while duplicating 60hz to the capture device (mine is an Elgato). Of course, if you are using a console you don’t have to worry about this as they only run games at 60hz.

You can’t have a true setup without a great audio setup either. Of course, it helped me with the cost of the equipment and my technical background that I started a podcast to spend a little more than I normally would have to just “stream” video games.

Below is a list of all the equipment that I use on a daily basis, streaming, podcasting, etc.

Gear List:

  • Capture Card | Elgato HD60 Pro (*THIS IS AN INTERNAL CARD DO NO WASTE MONEY ON A USB) – Amazon Link | (
  • Microphone | – Amazon Link |
  • Streaming PC | – Amazon Link |
  • Sound Mixer | – Amazon Link |
  • – Amazon Link |
  • – Amazon Link |
  • – Amazon Link |


Server and Networking Equipment

Retro Consoles and Favorite Retro Games

Favorite Modern Games