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Full of helpful links and equipment for just about anything nerdy you would want to do. Click on the name of the product or tool to take you somewhere you can download, review or perhaps purchase the item talked and linked here! I’ve personally used or do use most if not all these tools and equipment all the time.

It could be audio equipment to PC gaming hardware.

Top Computer Software for PC Maintenance

  • windirstat – Seriously this tool is amazing, stop worrying about CCleaner, that tools don’t help you really clean. Find out what’s really taking up your hard-drive space!

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I don’t really focus on any other Social Media Platform, I’d say if you were to pick one to get a hold of me the quickest would be Twitter.

Main PC Specifications

I use my main PC for gaming and editing purposes. Since AMD finally decided to get their act together (somewhat). I decided I wanted to them a try since I’ve read and heard so many good things about the AMD Ryzen 2700x Processor.

  • Motherboard – ASUS Prime B350-Plus | Amazon Link ( – *Note – This Motherboard required a BIOs update to support the 2700x
  • Processor/CPU – AMD Ryzen 2700x | Amazon Link (
  • RAM – | Amazon Link ()
  • Power Supply – | Amazon Link ()
  • Keyboard – | Amazon Link ()
  • Mouse – | Amazon Link ()
  • Monitor – | Amazon Link ()
  • Case – | Amazon Link ()
  • Graphics/GPU – | Amazon Link ()
  • Hard Drive – I don’t really have a huge preference I usually stick with WD or HGST for Mechanical drives – HGST | Amazon Link (

I’ve never been one to really buy the BEST of the BEST PC hardware. I’ve always stayed around Mid-High tier. As long as I’ve had 60 FPS in most PC games I’ve usually been happy. Ever since Quake Champions has come out and runs at around 120 for optimal performance I’ve needed a real reason to push my PC even further.


PC Streaming Hardware and Audio Hardware

Server and Networking Equipment

Retro Consoles and Favorite Retro Games

Favorite Modern Games