Affinix Software – Infinity (Game Boy Color Game)


This game looks great! Affinix software really knows what they were doing and who they were targeting for this game.

Infinity was due to come out back in the day whenever the game boy color was around.

Due to publishing issues, the project was canceled.

Crying mike affinix

Back from the Dead

Well, the amazing team over at Affinix has brought the project back to life, this game is about as nostalgic as it can get from the looks of it.

Here is a video that the team has released, it looks sweet!

We need physical release… luckily I’ll still get to play it on a portable, cause of my sweet flash cart.

Affinix is made up of about 7 people. From what I can tell its going to be a sweet RPG strategy game, looks fantastic.

You can DOWNLOAD it right now! FREE

For more information, you can visit the website which is at

Thanks , retrocollect for informing me about this game and go team Affinix!

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