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The Economic Fear Gripping America

People Will Surprise You

The other day, as I was walking through my parent’s house, I happened to overhear a conversation my Mother was having with my Great Aunt.

I didn’t intend to eavesdrop. However, I found myself intrigued by their topic of discussion.

My Mother told my aunt, “You know, people that you never thought would be that way; have become so selfish.”

“People that I have always known my family and I could count on, have surprised me lately.” She continued.

The Herd Mentality

I sat down and began to think about what I had heard. My mother was right. In the broad spectrum, people have begun to put their own self-interests first. More so, it seemed to me, than in the years of my youth.

I started to ponder what could have lead to this change in human nature. A change, that in all actuality goes against our very survival instincts.

Humans are a social animal. Since the beginning of mankind, we have gathered in groups in order to share with the group and the individuals who make up the collective. Roles would be delegated to individuals in the group. If for some reason, one of the roles was unable to be fulfilled, the others of the group would have “taken up the slack.”

This is our nature. However, during times of great crisis, it is also human nature for us to put the needs of ourselves and our children first. Even if that means damaging the group environment.


I Have To Do For Me And Mine

As I sat there pondering these thoughts, I couldn’t keep my mind from going back to a movie I saw some years back.
The movie was titled, “O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU” By Ethan Coen and Joel Coen.
In one scene in the movie, the three protagonists find themselves in a barn loft belonging to a family member of Pete (one of the three lead protagonists) as the police close in on their location.

Everett (the lead protagonists), states that he believes that Pete’s cousin has sold them out for the bounty that had been placed on them.
Pete gets upset at this thought, exclaiming that family would never do that. Immediately, he is interrupted by his cousin yelling to him from the ground stating;
“Sorry Pete! I know we’re kin! But
they got this Depression on, and I
gotta do fer me and mine!”

A New Found Worry

Within the last 8-10 years, Americans have been strangled ever tighter for every dollar available. We have watched as the price of nearly all of our goods have risen. All the while, a number of those goods that we are paying more for has lowered in quantity. We are now buying 12 oz pounds of bacon (16oz=1lb), there are fewer crackers in a pack then there were 10 years ago. Candy bars are smaller. A bag of granulated sugar now comes in a four-pound sack, instead of five.

People who all of my life were well off, have begun to find themselves starting to worry about how the bills will be paid this month. This has lead to a very rational yet ultimately very dangerous reaction. A reaction, that many of these same people don’t realize that they are even having.
They have begun to put their self-interests first in an attempt to stave off an economic collapse that they have not prepared for.

Come Together, Right Now, Over Me

It is imperative that we as a society recognize what is happening to us. Although it is important to protect one’s livelihood, it is also equally important to contribute to society as a whole. We must remember, one individual can have all of the money in the world. That individual would never be able to spend enough to keep the economy functioning.
It takes a society of individuals with the means to purchase goods and services for our economy to function properly. If your neighbors are all doing poorly, in one way or another, that is affecting your position.

Only as one united voice, does a society truly achieve change.
The economy is like water, it will stagnate without circulation.

What do you think?