Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2016

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Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is over!!! You know it’s something that you kind of look forward too, but then its kind not. Meeting up with family members you haven’t seen in months all getting together and stuffing your face, it’s a tradition america shares. I for one is glad is it gone and over with, now on to Christmas the easiest of …

Infinity, A Gameboy Color Homebrew On a Gameboy Advanced SP with a EZ-Flash IV

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Infinity on a GameBoy Advanced SP using an EZ-FLASH IV flash cart. I’ve been anxiously awaiting to play Infinity on my Gameboy Advanced SP to test out how it reacts with the EZ-Flash IV and how it performs. Well, the start sequence ran great, and the music sound terrific! Why didn’t this game come out BACK in the day!! I …

Affinix Software – Infinity (Game Boy Color Game)

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Infinity This game looks great! Affinix software really knows what they were doing and who they were targeting for this game. Infinity was due to come out back in the day whenever the game boy color was around. Due to publishing issues, the project was canceled. Back from the Dead Well, the amazing team over at Affinix has brought the project …

KY Nerd’s Top 50 Games of All TIME.

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The Top 50 games list is in no real order, These are just hand selected and I tried to keep it as fair as possible, even excluded some games! Rules – Only one game from a franchise, No Multicast of Character Games * Such as Super Smash Bros 1.       Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) 2.       Zelda, A Link to the Past (SNES) 3.       Half-Life …

Gameboy Advance SP Shell Replacement/Upgrade, getting the old looking fresh.

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Gameboy Advanced Shell Replacement Recently folks I got tired of staring at my scratched up, beaten and broken gray looking Gameboy SP Shell (or case some call it). It just wasn’t suiting my style anymore… So it was TIME! Time to Take it apart Muahahahhahahahah! To begin yes, you have to have special “Nintendo” screwdrivers to take Nintendo stuff apart, …

Hampson & Don #1

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  Hampson Howard – The Apple loving DC Lover extraordinaire Don Lovely – Marvel and PC Enthusiast SmangoCreator of and