Brocade Mini-B Cable

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Brocade Mini-B Cable

While brocade isn’t “vastly” different from Cisco switches, they do require different cables like the Brocade Mini-B Cable and use some different commands to get rolling.
At my current position, we realized we couldn’t find the correct cable to program our latest switch, while searching the internet there was no picture of even what it might look like.
Now I’m a Cisco guy I’ve learned all my networking skills on it, so I had no clue there was a special cable that a Brocade would use.
We finally discovered it though and I will post a PICTURE of what it looks like in case someone runs across this site and is wondering what cable you would use to program your latest switch from Brocade, normally brocade does ship you the cable along with a new purchase but our latest was a replacement. Replacement’s normally don’t come with all the cables needed.

Here is a Nice Picture!

Brocade Mini-B Cable
This is the Brocade Mini-B to RJ-45 Cable, is it what you will plug into on the front of your switch to get access to the console.
Now, normally laptops/computers don’t come with an original serial anymore so you gotta use some more adapter which we have plenty of.
So you now would use an RJ-45 to a Serial Female adapter which will connect to the USB to a Serial male adapter.

Networking with the right tools!

I hope this will help someone out there in the future! I know it would’ve helped us at the beginning of the day!
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Learn how to utilize ping while you are setting up those nice Brocade Switches now.

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