Final Fantasy Series

The Fantasy that never ended. A look into the Final Fantasy Series Part 1

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The Never Ending Fantasy Let’s dive into the Final Fantasy Series, the game franchise that just won’t give up. This will not be a full in-depth review of each game but a brief experience with each I’ve personally had and some interesting facts that I’ve noticed along the way. Starting with the Final of the Fantasies, Final Fantasy Final Fantasy was …

Weird Appalachia #13 and Full Tech #20 August 11th Podcasts

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Weird Appalachia Episode 13: Frida the Rebel Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play Weird Appalachia 13 one of the August 11th Podcasts! Weird Appalachia 13 one of the August 11th Podcasts The artsy ladies from Eastern KY from a small town known as Magoffin County Salyersville bring you another great Art podcast! Frida Kahlo! Artist, feminist icon, and rebel ‘til the end. We are celebrating …

Power of Pink

Weird Appalachia Podcast Episode 12: “The Polarizing Power of PINK”

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The Polarizing Power of PINK The Polazrising power of pink episode of Weird Appalachia has been released! Everyone should go rejoice and listen! Join these crazy girls on their weekly podcast bringing you nothing but awesome topics about the good ole Appalachian ways.   Power of Pink’s episode topics: We are discussing what has been referred to as the most …

Fight Cancer

KNG’s First Event – Come out and Fight Cancer

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KN Gaming is seeking out to help Fight Cancer The First great Event, KN Gaming is going to fight cancer. Zedd a high ranking officer in the KN Gaming world is doing some mighty fantastic work to fight cancer! We want everyone to come out and support him on twitch. All the KN Staff will be attending and be moderating …

Whats a Netflix

Latest Full Tech Podcast Released! Episode 16: Whats a Netflix?

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Full Tech Episode 16: Whats a Netflix? Has been released!!! The latest episode Whats a Netflix was recorded Thursday the 5th! With new Co-Host Sgt. Risner we are leading the charge on many topics in the tech and gaming world! Don’t forget this is always going to be a battle of the Old Vs. New generation! Whats a Netflix? Topics: …

Audio Garbage

Latest Weird Appalachia Podcast – Audio Garbage

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The Latest WA Podcast has released Audio Garbage Episode 9! The Weird Appalachia podcast is taking over the world with the latest episode Audio Garbage! The Episode topics are: Musical artistic expression or just a lot of noise? This episode we are talking about bizarre music genres! Topics: Kawaii Metal Lowercase Vaporwave Speedcore and Splittercore Places you can listen! There …

destiny 2 prestige raid

KN Gaming Completes yet another Destiny 2 Prestige Raid

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KNG is completing a destiny 2 prestige raid left and right If you are not part of the destiny 2 prestige raid pwnage in KNG. Then you are part of the problem. Just kidding, but a big shout to some of the first time completions for fishdog555#1914 Hazmat616 SumTingWong#11316 Alexsynol930#1888! They are part of the KNG Destiny 2. Congratulate these guys in …