Kefka Final Fantasy eviler than Sephiroth?

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Who is the more evil Antagonist Kefa Final Fantasy VI or Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII? Is Kefka Final Fantasy VI more evil than Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII? These are two brilliant and fantastic games, with extremely in-depth stories. I grew up playing both. I’ll go ahead and be honest I believe Final Fantasy VI (III SNES) is the better game. I …


Kentuckynerd’s Top 5 Astonishing Games Released in 1998

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1998 Top 5 Astonishing Games 1998, what a wonderful year of games. The PlayStation 1, the N64,  and the almighty and the MASTERRACE of gaming.. the PC. I was lucky enough to have gotten my first computer around this time. Even though it didn’t have a sweet “3D Accelerator” card better known as a Video Card or GPU(Graphics Processor Unit) beside …


PCMASTERRACE – Don’t forget your FREE game!!

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FREE If you are a PC gamer and don’t know about Steam and Humble Bundle where have you been? Get your free game today before it is too late! Follow this link – Dungeons 2 This awesome free game from Humble Bundle looks pretty fun. I’ve already gotten my key as well as many other awesome keys from humble bundle! …

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Quake Champions Beta Invited! – Closed Beta April 27th!

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Quake Champions Beta Got invited to the closed beta. Too bad, it has an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement.) and I cannot show screenshots or really information at all. I will say that it is really fun. It took some things from other certain games like loot crates which are cool to unlock skins or whatever. I’ve played a few matches of …

NES Collecting

NES Collecting Helpful Guide and Tips

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NES Collecting can be fun, but it also can be very expensive. Let’s get that straight right off the bat about NES Collecting. It’s not that cheap anymore, after 2010 there has been a Retro game outburst in collecting. Given the right knowledge about collecting for the NES, you can probably save a few bucks here and there! I’ve collected …


Nesticle Emulator for NES turned 20 years old

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Nesticle Emulator turned 20 April 3rd, 2017. It’s hard to believe that one of the best Emulators growing up has already turned the ripe old age of 20. Nesticle was a  huge part of my childhood growing up! Nesticle was developed by  Bloodlust Software in 1997 and was the NES emulator of choice for quite the early ages of emulation. …

Gaming Snacks

KentuckyNerd’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks

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Top 10 Gaming Snacks! Here are the Smango’s Top 10 Gaming Snacks to munch on while I’m downing the final boss of the dungeon Who doesn’t love gaming? Who doesn’t love delicious snacks!? What about Gaming Snacks!? # 10 – Chex Mix Kicking the top 10 gaming snacks off with a bang! This great little snack is almost the only …

Getting prepared for Quake Champions and where to start.

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Quake Champions is around the corner so maybe you are like me and want to shake off the rust Quake Champions is going to be different than Quake III but it looks similar.  TOO bad that hardly anyone plays the original Quake III anymore. Quake isn’t your normal copy paste Call of Duty game that anyone can just pick up …

boost mode

PS4 4.50 Boost Mode on PS4 PRO! Testing Games Now!

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Testing games as of now to see what old titles get a performance increase from Boost Mode. Just downloaded the PS4 4.50 patch with comes with all kinds of goodies for the PS4 Pro like Boost Mode, the PS4 wasn’t left out either. You can now use a USB hard drive to install games. This should’ve happened on release as the …