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Podcasts on Android

How to get podcasts on android completely free!

So you want to listen to podcasts on android? While it might not be as simple as iTunes (sad to say this but its the biggest Podcast Directory) it’s still not difficult to do. Honestly, a lot of the other Podcast Directories built specifically for Android Tablets and Devices. They pull directly from iTunes Feeds. But

tips for internet safety

Here are some free internet safety tips

Looking for internet safety tips? Then you’ve come to the right place for those amazing internet safety tips. Most people today mostly browse on their phones. Let’s be honest it’s not that great of an experience no matter how big the screen is now in 2018. I’ve been browsing the web for quite some time.

Best Champion in quake Champions

What’s the best champion in quake champions?

So what is the best champion on quake champions? The question you might have asked yourself or had someone ask is what is the best champion in quake champions? If you are having friends and family joining in on the gib fest, they might not understand right off the bat that this question is totally

Quake Champions

Quake Champions not your “2018 FPS” Shooter

Quake Champions not your typical 2018 FPS Shooter Most of you already have realized that Quake Champions is not a modern shooter like most games today.   This is as close to old school as we probably are going to get with a little bit of modern added to it, champions and abilities are about

Nintendo Switch Release

Guide to the Nintendo Switch

Over the weekend the Nintendo revealed more game play footage, Nintendo Switch release dates, video game names, models, and prices. The internet is a great place to find information, but THERE is a lot of it everywhere…. so let’s tidy up the information about the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Release Date and Price RELEASE DATE –