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tips for internet safety

Here are some free internet safety tips

Looking for internet safety tips? Then you’ve come to the right place for those amazing internet safety tips. Most people today mostly browse on their phones. Let’s be honest it’s not that great of an experience no matter how big the screen is now in 2018. I’ve been browsing the web for quite some time.


Ping all Computer Names in an Organizational Unit

[sharethis-inline-buttons] The Power of Ping, and how to ping all computer names If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout my IT career, you might come across a point that you want to ping all computer names. Ping is single handly the greatest support tool you might have in your arsenal. While it is so simple,

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Amazing Computers that NASA Used.

Apollo 13 Amazing Computers that NASA used on the Mission I want to go back a little in history today and put in perspective on how much technology has advanced. So sit back relax and learn how the memory that was literally used to go to shoot a rocket to outer space literally nothing compared

Physical Media

Physical media is still important in 2017.

I’m not really talking about the AOL disc pictured. But… apparently, people do collect huge piles of AOL discs. I find that bizarre people collect many weird things, but are they really as useless as AOL discs? I’m sure there is plenty but I’m here to tell you that physical media is still very important


Android the real choice for power, and your personal companion.

Android Google and Android have teamed up for quite some time now. If you are like me (Android Nexus 6), you live having different technology laying around and being able to customize it the way you like it is a big deal. Unlike Apple, which is no secret that I despise only gives you 1

Linux is powerful and worth more than just a download in 2017

I’ve always been supportive of Linux for many years. Linux has never really replaced my true main operating system though, which is Windows and mostly because of gaming. Linux gives you more freedom. More than any operating system available, and yes even more than MAC OSX which probably gives you the less. Mac OSX is like

Top 10 Reasons you should stop Console Gaming and Start PC Gaming.

10. Power – If you are a 90s kid you remember the old ads of Genesis does what nintendon’t cause of its “Blast Processing”. In case you didn’t know that was just a marketing ploy, but today a PC packs away bigger punch than a console ever would. They promise 4k gaming for a $300

Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2016

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is over!!! You know it’s something that you kind of look forward too, but then its kind not. Meeting up with family members you haven’t seen in months all getting together and stuffing your face, it’s a tradition america shares. I for one is glad is it gone and over with, now on

Brocade Mini-B Cable

Brocade Mini-B Cable While brocade isn’t “vastly” different from Cisco switches, they do require different cables like the Brocade Mini-B Cable and use some different commands to get rolling. At my current position, we realized we couldn’t find the correct cable to program our latest switch, while searching the internet there was no picture of even