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Nesticle Emulator for NES turned 20 years old

Nesticle Emulator turned 20 April 3rd, 2017. It’s hard to believe that one of the best Emulators growing up has already turned the ripe old age of 20. Nesticle was a  huge part of my childhood growing up! Nesticle was developed by  Bloodlust Software in 1997 and was the NES emulator of choice for quite Present the J and J Sports Show!

Kentucky Nerd Officially starts a Sports Show. The sports show will be a facebook live show which we will upload to youtube later. We will have live call-ins and questions and just randomly talk about sports! It’s always kinda been a dream of mine to sit around and talk about sports so I figured hey

James is really enjoying his Retropie and is renewed!

Here at Kentuckynerd, we could be no happier. James received his Retropie! I’m truly glad it went to someone who would truly enjoy it! From his email message, it seems like it was really meant for James! James sent me some photos because I asked so I could proudly show them off here! Sweet setup


Join the KYNerd Podcast – Sports Edition Today Live on Facebook 8 P.M.

We will be live! I’m also working on a way to get callers so maybe if someone wants to call on they can ask a question really quick and we can try to answer it. My guest today is always the sports fanatic Johnivan Patrick you can follow him on facebook here – I will


Congrats to James for winning the Retropie!!!

JAMES HANLON Is our Kentucky Nerd Retropie Winner. It is official he did respond to my email and I do have his address! I’m also glad to say it’s going to a home that the pie will be appreciated. So congratulations James I will be shipping this off some time on Monday. Be sure to


Official Kentucky Nerd Giveaway Post! Win a Raspberry Pi 2!!! Fully equipped with Retropie! Contest Will End March 18 2017!!!

Official Kentucky Nerd Giveaway!!!!!!! WIN A RASPBERRY PI 2!!!!   STEP BY STEP HOW TO ENTER!!!! REGISTER ON THE WEBSITE! – HERE or you can use the bottom right Kentucky Nerd Login! POST ON THIS ARTICLE!!!!!! BE FROM AMERICA THATS IT!!! I will cross check to make sure each entry is valid! Live giveaway will be

First KYnerd Sports Edition Podcast Tomorrow @ 7P.M.

Special guest tomorrow is no bigger Magoffin County Hornet Fan or mountain sports in general. Johnivan Patrick! He follows sports like its going out of style and it’s going to be a pleasure having him on the podcast tomorrow. We might record live video so someone can ask a question and we can answer it

KYnerd’s Random Things and Simple Update

Update of things happening. Now that the website/blog has had a fresh new update, and when I’m talking update I’m really talking about new backbone, new SEO, and New Writers. That isn’t all, though, the KYnerd has acquired some new Podcasting equipment. Also, I have figured out how to properly capture remote podcasts, so the bad


The reason I love collecting, and the psychology of why collectors collecting items can be a problem.

I’ve been an avid collector of collecting items as long as I can remember. I still remember the first time my mother brought home a full booster box of Basketball cards that my cousin and I could rip into, my collecting items adventure had begun! I don’t remember how old I was but I do

KYNerd’s Top 10 Shows you need to binge watch!

The Ranch A show starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson formerly from That 70s Show. I kept putting this one off for a while whenever I saw it pop-up on Netflix, and I’m not really sure why. Man the setlist in this show is great, the comedy is like the most natural comedy I’ve ever