Gamer Spotlight: Not Fame, Just Notoriety

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Gamer Emili Elfving is a female gamer that hails from Sweden, bearing a striking resemblance to Brigitte, who is a new playable character in Overwatch. Known best as PinkPsychoBunny or Bunny for short in the gaming community. A tattooed darling with an infectious laugh and friendly smile, you easily start to forget just how terrifying she can be playing as …

Cobra Kai Review

Fate of the Show: Cobra Kai Review Season 1 First Impression

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Strike First In this Cobra Kai Review, it is going to be the first impression. While the whole time building up to this sequel I thought it was just going to be a movie. Turns out it is a SERIES! Yes, that means I just got done binge-watching my first YouTube Red Series. Something I never thought I would do. Talk …


First Impressions: Destiny 2 – The Warmind Expansion 2

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First Impressions: Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion 2 Many of the community members and myself had little to no hope for the Destiny 2 Warmind stream. The last time we received a DLC (Downloadable Content) reveal for D2 (Destiny 2) we’d been told that we would receive the most rewarding public event ever.  The product ended up only giving us two …


The Fate of the Game: Planetary Annihilation: Titans

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The Fate of the Game: Planetary Annihilation: Titans Planetary Annihilation: Titans for me was a game that you’d heard about, but only attached to the back-end of sales or bundles.  What made this game intriguing was its interplanetary battles and conflicts waged with outlandish weaponry. Like most things, looks can be more deceiving than planned. Right out of the gate, …


The Fate of the Show: Lost in Space

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The Fate of the Show: Lost in Space Netflix brings us a modern reimagining of a 1960’s campy sci-fi television series Lost in Space. The premise of the show stays true to the old, with tweaks that will annoy some and make others invest more in the narrative. We follow the Robinson family as they’re headed into space to join …

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – My Review

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Welcome to Gerowen’s Wolfenstein II PC Review. Gerowen has been a long time gamer and has great technical and computer skills I’ve known Gerowen for a long time and I trust anything technical and gaming wise he has to say. I hope that you enjoy this review! Intro “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”, is a direct sequel to “Wolfenstein: The …

It’s Official, its the Death of the Wii U

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Death of the Wii U As I started hearing about the Death of the Wii U, I stumbled upon an article today that said Nintendo has let the signal go that the…Wii U is officially dead!! This means that The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild will be the final game coming out for the system. Everyone believes that the Wii …