Conan Exiles Video First time player lives streamer Reaction!

Have you ever wanted to try out Conan Exiles? Watch this Conan Exiles Video First time player lives streamer reaction!

Well, our Co-Founder Agelessfate decided to give it a try with a few our of community gamers and streamers. The video edited by our very own staff member Rexfix.

This video represents a first time Conan Exile player so you can consider his reactions real and authentic.

Conan Exiles Video

Rexfix has been a community member for a very long time. He has decided to bring us a comical video on his youtube channel.

Kentucky Friend Rexfix is his youtube name. He has made several videos before and all have been comical and fun to watch.

This is Conan Exiles on PC and was edited from Agelessfate’s Twitch Stream.

Conan Exiles PC

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Want to see more from Rex?

Conan Exiles Video

If you are wanting to see some more videos like the Conan Exiles one. All you need to do is follow his channel and keep on him to make more. Let him know how well you liked his video and how much you would love to see more. Also, you can always subscribe to his youtube channel!

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