Congrats to James for winning the Retropie!!!


Is our Kentucky Nerd Retropie Winner. It is official he did respond to my email and I do have his address!

I’m also glad to say it’s going to a home that the pie will be appreciated. So congratulations James I will be shipping this off some time on Monday.

Be sure to share our website with all your friend’s and family!!!!!! We need all the support we can get.


Show me some pictures or video’s whenever you get it hooked up! I would be glad to have them posted on the website as the winner of our very first GIVEAWAY! I’m excited and I’m going to do more. As I got a better idea of how other giveaways work!


Thanks¬†to everyone that entered the giveaway. I was pretty green to the whole thing and now realize I could’ve executed it a bit better. This will not be our last one that is for sure! I’ll think of more ideas along the way and would like to do one every so often to drive some new traffic to the website so check back! I know you didn’t win unlike James, but you will have a better chance next time!

Watch the stream leading up to the giveaway here!

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