Coolest Final Fantasy Characters – Top Ten LIST!

Coolest Final Fantasy Characters is a list I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. These are some of my favorite characters among the seris and it just so happens I think they are the coolest and best characters as well.

Most of these characters are from the older games which I’ll touch on each character somewhat. I like the older games more than the newer ones. I honestly think 15 doesn’t even feel like a Final Fantasy game. But, maybe that’s for another post…


10.) Terra

 Coolest Final Fantasy Characters Terra

Terra Branford otherwise known as Tina in Japenese is the only female character I picked. Not that I have anything wrong against female characters she just sticks out as one of my favorite across the Final Fantasy Series.  Mind-controlled by the empire because she could use Magic. Magic in the Final Fantasy VI world had been gone for ages.

Turns out she was an Esper! What is an esper? Well, in Final Fantasy VI you could summon these magical creatures she just happened to be half and half. Half human half-Esper.

She seems to be the main character in the beginning but that kind of changes… sort of. Anyways she’s one of the coolest final fantasy characters of all time in my book.

9.) Cloud

Final Fantasy VII Cloud

After finding out that Cloud lied about being in Soldier it took his bada$$-ness away for a brief moment. That until you see the final battle and other awesome parts in Final Fantasy VII.

Still one of the most bada$$ moments in a Final Fantasy game is when Cloud gets stabbed but lift Sephiroth on the sword he is stabbed with.

Really how AWESOME was that. It’s also possible that his spikey hair for some reason increases the coolness in Cloud. He also carries around huge swords and has zero trouble wielding them,

This easily makes him one of the coolest final fantasy characters ever. Cloud Strife is easily the most popular Character made in the Final Fantasy universe. With all the spin-offs and movies etc.

With the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake maybe they will make him even cooler.

8.) FuSoYa

FuSoYa Final Fantasy IVLots of people from what I’ve read up on hate the moon people in FFIV (SNES II) for some weird. I thought it was AMAZING you got to go to the moon. Then all of a sudden a MOON man or really a Lunarian named FuSoYa joins your party. FuSoYa is a very important piece to the puzzle in FFIV. Without him releasing Golbez from his mind control, you might not have ever made it to the final Boss Zemus.

FoSuYa kind of reminds you of Tellah the mage. He is a very strong mage and can cast basically anything as soon as you get him. The only downfall is that he doesn’t stay very long in your party.

You pretty much get his awesomeness for a very short period of time. Then he’s gone.

But, how cool is it that you got to play a great and powerful wizard like FoSoYa from the freaking MOON.

7.) Auron

Auron Final Fantasy XAuron is my favorite ghost. That’s right, he s a ghost or well in the Final Fantasy X universe he is “unsent”. Which makes him a ghost until the very ending of the game. You come to find out that Auron actually journeys alongside the main character Tidus father Jecht.

Auron is just awesome he does probably the most damage, carries the coolest sword. You automatically become cool whenever you are wearing sunglasses like him.

6.) Galuf

Final Fantasy GalufFinal Fantasy V was one of those games that I didn’t even know existed until I got old enough to browse the internet. I believe I finally discovered it at the end of probably 8th grade. This is where I also discovered that all the numbering was completely screwed up in AMERICA.

Anyways Galuf is awesome he shows up in FF5 not knowing anything. They find him by a meteorite which turns out he came from space. His daughter shows up and all of his memory comes flooding back. Turns out he was from the same place Exdeath is from. Galuf then fights exdeath too the death.

Galuf if I’m correct is the first or one of the first main characters completely dies. Now, unless if you count Final Fantasy IV deaths or whatever happened to them. The characters seem to be alive back in a tower. So I’m not sure.

For whatever reason, I enjoy people from space.

5.) Sabin

Sabin Final Fantasy III VIDoes this one even have to be explained why Sabin is one of the coolest final fantasy characters of all time?

Actually, you know what explaining won’t even do it justice.

How about a video.

That’s right SABIN freaking suplex’s a TRAIN. Not a little bitty mob, but the whole freaking train.

Suplexing a train isn’t the only reason though. Sabin is tough he even beats up one of his master’s sons that he was training within the game.

His input combo almost makes you feel like you are playing a Mortal Kombat game entering all the combos in to complete a single move. That stupid octopus really hates him too for whatever reason. Ultros doesn’t really have to have a reason though, he’s just evil for being evil I guess.



4.) Squall

Final Fantasy SquallFinal Fantasy VIII is literally one of my least favorite Final Fantasies. So Squall had to make an impact on me really quick for him to even be on this list. Even this high!

I believe the coolness come to Squall simply in the first cutscene of the game. Squall and Seifer are dueling against each other with weapons called “Gun Blades” (gun and sword… duh.)

This is also the reason Squall has that cool looking scar across his face. Instantly making him badA$$.

Although, he does seem to need a bigger coat.

This is really the only thing I remember about Final Fantasy VIII. I didn’t really care for the story, or how you had to get Magic now. It just all seemed off to me.

The mini-card game though was actually really fun and is still worth playing to this day. I wish I could say the same about Final Fantasy VIII.

Even though I hate FF8 I still think Squall is one of the coolest Final Fantasy characters.



3.) Kain

Kain Final Fantasy II SNES IVOk, its really not fair that I’ve picked more than 1 character from Final Fantasy IV. But, what do you want me to say its one of my favorites and it has almost all my favorites in it.

Kain Highwind is a dragoon, that in itself it just COOL. I’d love to be a dragoon, carry around a big spear and be able to jump out of the roof!

Wouldn’t you? You get to be in this awesome Dragoon clan, doing… er. Dragoon things. Anyways, you know what I mean. Kain is just awesome he has this huge armor on, well it looks like it anyways. Then he can jump out of the FREAKING SCREEN!?

The only downfall to Kain is that it seems like he can become mind controlled awfully easy. Kain was in my mind instantly cool whenever he was first introduced at the very beginning. He gets partied with his childhood friend Cecil.

Turns out though that Kain has a thing for Cecil babe Rosa. He never reveals it to Cecil and hides it away most the time but its pretty easy to tell as us the gamer/viewer.

Kain is just awesome, plain and simple he is a great character and he is even more developed in the awful Final Fantasy IV The After Years. (I still need to force myself to play through it.)

2.) Ramza

Ramza Final Fantasy TacticsRamza is the ultimate good in a character. His brothers end up basically corrupting the Beoulve name because they are considered royalty. They use there name to manipulate people and even end up doing very bad things.  He then leaves his family basically behind after his father passes away.

Ramza is just a cool character overall and the adventure he goes on to save Ivalice is just amazing.  The only bad thing about the original Final Fantasy tactics is that he couldn’t transform into like a Holy Knight or Dark Knight. Ramza fits the mold better as a Holy Knight but that wasn’t even an option in the original game.

More recently releases like the Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions. Allows Ramza to actually become what he is suppose to be an ultimate bad mofo! Ramza just exudes coolness, he is brave and stands up for what is right in the world of Final Fantasy.

1.) Cecil

Cecil Paladin Final Fantasy IVNow to our final and coolest Final Fantasy characters. Cecil Harvey.

I absolutely love everything about Cecil.

First, he’s a dark knight and commands the biggest and baddest airship fleet the REDWINGS.

Then all of a sudden he is DE-RANKED sent on a quest to deliver a package. Not knowing what was in the package he ends up destroying a whole village leaving alone a small green haired girl that could summon monsters. Cecil had killed her mother on accident and then is forced to fight the girl who summons Titan and breaks the mountains in half.

Cecil then wakes up not really knowing what is going on, but he knows something is up with the King that sent him on a quest to destroy a small village?

After taking the girl to a small city in a desert he wakes up in the middle of the night attacked by non-other than the king’s guards. Cecil also finds out that the love of his life has come searching for him in the same city.

The Dark Knight finally get confronted on top of a mountain whenever he enters a room. Where he has to fight HIMSELF.

Cecil after defeating the darkness within him completely changes into a freaking PALADIN. This is literally one of the coolest moments in Final Fantasy in my book.

Cecil the Paladin is a stone cold bad a$$ and I just love everything about him after this point in the game. The Dark Knight part was awesome but his turn into a freaking paladin was just awesome. The sounds his sword makes and everything it’s just amazing.

Cecil eventually becomes the King and saves the world you know. Just normal coolest final fantasy character of all time stuff.


I hope you guys liked my little Final Fantasy top ten list here. I hope to do more and I’d love to know who your favorite FF characters are down below!

Let me know if you loved or hated this post! I’m just a huge Final Fantasy fan, well more of the older games than the new ones…

That could be discussed in another post though.

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Let me know who you thought was described the best or worst. Or who even shouldn’t be on the list!