Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Steam Review

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon


Release Date May 24th, 2018

Steam Summary
“Battle with swords and whips in this retro-style action game brought to you by game creator Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates! Play as Zangetsu, a demon slayer bearing a deep grudge, who must travel through perilous lands to defeat a powerful demon lurking in a dark castle.”

Curse of the Moon Steam Review


The sound bloodstained could match up against any other retro game or modern-retro game you would ever play.

Below is one of my favorites from stage 6.

All the sounds sound like they could’ve been right on the good on Nintendo Entertainment System.

The sword/weapon sounds, the boss sounds everything sounds unique and is fantastic to the ear.



Bloodstained’s Graphics are straight retro. Obviously more powerful than what an NES could handle but still similar which is consider almost Modern-Retro style, but this still leans more Retro than modern.

All the bosses look fantastic and have great designs.

You can clearly see that each character you can play looks unique and are different colors to even help more.




Bloodstained will be considered a straight spiritual successor to the original Castlevania games.

At its core, you would consider it a platformer but it much… much more than that. It almost plays as an action RPG platformer.

It’s also according to which game type you choose. There is a veteran setting which if something hits you it can knock you back, which usually results in your dying and dropping into a hole.

While its considered “cheap deaths” that is how the real Castlevania’s where so if you want that authentic feeling of an old-school Castlevania game choose Veteran.

If you choose the other game type

Flying objects and monsters won’t KNOCK you back which kind of eliminates that old school “NES Hard” feeling.

I haven’t tried this mode, but I figured it wouldn’t give the same nostalgia feeling I have for most Castlevania games.

Bloodstained also have 4 characters with different weapons and power-ups.

Sword, Whip, Cane, and Bats. They all have different health and abilities which allows you to take different routes to the end of the stage.

Below is me streaming on twitch playing Bloodstained

I had a great time playing for about 2 hours getting a really great feel of the game. I don’t think it is as difficult as the normal mode such as Castlevania: Bloodlines but it is pretty close.

You can always catch me streaming some retro games over on Twitch.

Conclusion on Bloodstained

Bloodstained is a fantastic game, it hits on all cylinders. Sounds, Music, Graphics, and gameplay.

The difficulty is just right and includes unlockable harder difficulties for the hardcore gamers out there that seek out a challenge.

You can get this game fairly cheap on Steam and I highly recommend it.

If you are an old school gamer that is itching for a game that plays similar to Castlevania III on the NES, then this is the game for you. Overall fantastic experience, you can’t go wrong picking up this game for that “NES Hard” feeling.

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