Why Dark Souls 1-3 Are Among The Most Amazing RPG’s

Dark Souls 1-3

These games are the very heart of RPG you notice people are always saying how terrifyingly hard it is well that is 100% true and it is also what makes these games so hard. It goes back to the concept of the old games the ones that punishes you for being stupid and dying that way. It is not some kind of babified game that makes you some super soldier that can take a nuke to the face and then just heal instantly. That is also what makes the game so
rewarding once you finally do find that item or defeat that boss who killed you 20 times, then you finally beat him and you feel so much satisfaction from that win. Compared to any other game that has been babified to where you are untouchable have indestructible armor and a weapon that can kill an army with 1 bullet.

The story from many players you may have heard thaDark 1t the game is very free it doesn’t tell you where to go or who to see you have to find it. This is what makes many players not want to play the game, in my opinion, it adds to my perspective of the game it makes it seem like an even more amazing game because it doesn’t have a waypoint on the exact position of the person/item you need to progress in the game.

Gameplay in this game is amazing the combat system is perfect I cannot think of any more improvements they could add to this game, I love the rolling system you can’t just block every single attack over and over you will run out of stamina and die you need to roll behind the enemy and then stab him in the back if he has a tower shield. The main thing you really need is health as I mentioned before that you are not a god so you need as much for you as you can possibly get, this mixed with the massive bosses and beautiful graphics makes for really good gameplay.

Skills there is no massive skill tree you can, however, level dexterity and things alike to increase your health stamina etc. This is one of the best features even as a max 710 level warrior you still have to be careful or you will get kill in 2-3 hits, the game keeps its difficulty through the whole thing.

With all of these elements in play, this makes for an amazingly beautiful and fun game that game companies could take note from. The gameplay mixed with graphics and a really nice leveling system and souls it really brings the game to life as an RPG and makes you want more and more, as you may rage quit the game a few times you can’t help yourself but to open it back up again just a few minutes later.