Blessious The Destiny 2 YouTuber and Live Streamer Shouts out KN!

Blessious The Destiny 2 YouTuber and live streamer shouts out KN!

Destiny 2 Youtuber

The Destiny 2 Youtuber known as Blessious gave the ole KN Gaming a shout out!

Blessious is a comedic YouTuber who plays a ton of Destiny 2. He seems like a very funny dude and got a bunch of us KNGers to follow! Noticing the name really quick after one of our members was about the only one owning him. Hilarious jokes followed suit from the Gaming name.

Kyle better known as Blessious is a certified nerd having a Star Wars themed wedding in 2018!

Destiny 2 Youtuber Shout out.

The shout out happened in a video he recent done on June the 23rd. Blessious talking about his *NON Exotic* Pulse rifle come across one of our best PVPers SirWolfie.

Destiny 2 Youtuber

You can watch the full video here

To watch the video where he mention’s KN you can click on this link

Since watching the video I have now tried to go so if is available.

Big Thanks to Blessious and SirWolfie

This was totally awesome and totally unexpected. I’m glad we could be part of the joke! This might generate even more members for our Destiny 2 Clan!

Sirwolfie, thanks for putting on a show against this YouTube star and generating us a little publicity! KN Members if you are reading this please go like share and subscribe to this guys channel!

Tell him how awesome of a Destiny 2 Clan we are! Blessious drop that TACO clan and come join a real clan.

Want to join the Destiny 2 Clan?

Maybe you got intrigued by the video and want to become part of the clan. We have a very awesome staff and would love to have you. We even have our own KNG Destiny 2 Youtuber and Streamer known as General Zedd! You can catch him live with must of us on this twitch channel!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Destiny 2 PC Clan page and learn how to join now!

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Destiny 2 Youtuber

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