Looking for a Podcast and Blog Discord? Then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. The HQ is the main discord for bloggers and podcasters alike.

If you are looking for a general gaming place we have a HUB which links to all our official Discord and only KN approved. Only KN official Discords will ever be allowed to be posted in any our of Discord Communities.

Blogging and Podcasting

The blogging and podcasting discord is just that. It’s not a general gaming Discord it is a BLOGGING and PODCASTING discord. We generate ideas, talk about topics only pertaining to the upcoming blog posts or podcasts. We currently have 2 podcasts included in our little community. Weird Appalachia and The Full Tech Podcast. WA is about Art and Community, while FTP is about gaming and technology! The KN blog is about Technology, Collecting, Gaming, and Kentucky Lifestyle. We are also looking to build a community for just podcasting and bloggers to chat.

Kentuckynerd.com blogs and podcasting have only been going for a little while and we are starting to generate Steam. If this sounds like a community you would want to be a part of!

Then join now using this Discord Link linking you straight to our HQ where you can talk to all of our content creators.

Podcast Discord

Becoming a Podcast Guest

If you want to be on one of the podcasts. Then just ASK. We are always welcoming basically anyone to be a part of our shows. Got your own podcast you want to spread? Feel free and come shout it out on the podcasts! Full Tech is always needing some nerds to go back and forth with. Weird Appalachia is making awesome and amazing art and community shows!

Need a guest for your podcast? Just let us know when you need us to come aboard! If we have time to podcast then we sure will!

Full Tech tries to utilize discord as the main recording software. Weird Appalachia is doing on-site guests only for now until we can set up for record online.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

If you have ever wanted to attempt blogging or if you already have your own blog. Guest blogging is a great way to get your name around and build your own brand. Come drop us a nice tech blog and shout out your own blog we really don’t care. I’ll even try to do the same and have done in the past. We do try to keep a certain tone around for blogging and that is something very nerdy.

The nerdier or weirder the better.

blogging nerd

Anything tech, gaming, and art content are all allowed. That is our niche around here and that is being a flipping NERD. Completely come here and nerd OUT.

We will be waiting.

Perhaps you don’t want to deal with discord but you still want to write a piece, you can always email john@kentuckynerd.com and we can chat about it via email.

Community Building

This discord and KN already has a massive community. Our Destiny 2 Discord is massive and has over 2,000+ members.

KN is still in the infancy stages and is growing rapidly.

Discord Community Buildling

That is a big benefit here if you join up. We have so many people we can reach almost all at a giving time. Perhaps you want to put your brand under our wing, we are totally cool with that but you will have to be approved. Being part of a great community is a big thing we welcome all people new or old to the internet. Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of the staff members and ask what you can do to help out. Let’s us know your plans and we will see if we can help you grow as well, we do sponsor some streamers giving them a nice biography page and everything! Let us know your plans!

Free and 0 requirements

There are no requirements to join. If you are an awesome person we want to you join. Discord is free, there are no sign-up fees to be a part of our community.

If you want to donate to us as a Patreon that is the only thing that would cost. Being a Patreon does give you instant gratification and will earn you a special chat in our HQ.

Patreon’s get their own chats and will come first before anyone else, basically, you are investing in us so why not be able to ask us questions! Want our thoughts and future blog posts. Maybe you just want to be able to access us or message us quicker than other people. This is NOT a requirement at all by the way! This is just something we offer if you WANT too. We promise to still talk and converse with you. That isn’t what this is about, this is about building a community.

If you want to become a Patreon you can gain access by clicking here and heading over to our official Patreon page.

Again, this is not a requirement at all. If you need help with something we will offer our knowledge when we can. If you want to start streaming we also try to help with that. Looking to start a blog hit us up we can try to help out! This is about building a great podcast and blogging community.

Game ReviewsSteam Curator

Maybe, blogging isn’t really your thing. But, you’ve always wanted to write video games reviews but didn’t know where to start? You can start right here!

We have a small community in our Steam Curator which does gain some traffic and does LINK straight back to the post you want to write! If you love video games as much as we do then become part of our Steam Curator crew! You can even earn FREE games the more we write reviews, the more games we get offered!


KN is a great place to be you should join up in our HQ Discord now and let us know how excited you are to become a part of this community! We would be glad to have you! Join Discord Now.

You can also reach the founder on twitter if you have any concerns about anything we are affiliated with.

Twitter – @realkynerd