The Kentuckynerd

Professional Information Technology Specialist in Kentucky
Quake Champions Streamer

Enjoy a Quake Champions Streamer

Twitch and Quake Champions

Looking for a friendly and exciting Quake Champions Streamer? Then look no further than’s very own Founder Smango.

This could very well be the best  Twitch Streamer in the world.

Going by the Realkynerd or KYnerd or his online Persona Smango.

This Quake Champions Streamer has one goal and that is to bring you tons of cool frags and music along the way, and perhaps some laughs.

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Retro Streamer

While I stream Quake Champions I also like to focus on Retro Gaming.

Weird mix I know… But if you are looking for a Quake Champions Streamer who also loves Retro gaming then really you don’t need to look any futher.

Smango the streamer with a twang

My online persona hasn’t changed to much since I’ve been a PC gamer. Smango started back whenever I was highschool sometime and it just kinda of stuck since. It’s just a made up word, literally.

The twang I have goes back to my roots from where I grew up from.  A very small town in Magoffin County Kentucky. I grew up on a farm with mainly cows, sometimes a chicken and a horse every now and then. Yep you’ve guessed it. I’ve milk cows, watch them give birth etc.

Ever “fenced” and no I’m not talking about the sport of fencing.

In Magoffin County there wasn’t many friends growing up that played PC games. While I do enjoy the older consoles and retro gaming, my heart always belonged to PC games. PC games just ran  better, had better first person shooters, the ability to look up cheats or walk thru on the fly by simply alt-tabbing.

So I’ve been into computers as long as I could remember. Setting up all night and day playing against bots in Quake III so it makes sense now that streaming is a thing I’ve become a Quake Champions Streamer.

Information Technology

While my heart has always been gaming on computers there was a point in my life I decided that if I could work on computers all day that my life wouldn’t be so bad. Little did I know real life and computers don’t mix very well.

As much as I love computers, fixing them, managing them and etc. I’ve been laid off from more than a few full time jobs now at the age of 31.

So whats next in next chapter of the Quake Champions Streamer’s life? Who knows?

Maybe my southern twang and computer skills can land me as a full time streamer and gaming community manager.

I’ve never minded at all to help someone with a computer issue, feel free to stop by the stream and ask me a simple question that you might need help with.

Got a networking issue? I might be able to help you there as well as that is direction I’d love to take my career in.

A fantastic Gaming Community

Smango the Quake Champions Streamer not only has a fantastic stream.

But, we have started an amazing gaming community. Discord is growing so fast we have a full staff!

The KNG or KN Gaming have so many members now it is super hard to keep up.

Wanna play Quake? Join up!

Looking for the biggest Destiny 2 PC clan? started it!

Just look for a discord link and you can join one of the fastest growing gaming communities around.

We welcome all Kentucky gamers to join but it is not a requirement to be from Kentucky.

Salyersville or Magoffin people should 110% join up if you are wanting to PC gaming with from Kentucky.

Kentucky isn’t know for the PC gaming scene but we are planning to change that.

Streaming Schedule

My streaming schedule has changed unexpectedly as what I am able to stream.

As of the last edit, I will be streaming from early in the morning 8 A.M. EST till around 11 A.M.

Also being a Quake Champions Streamer has been put on the back burner because I have lost my Streaming PC. While I do have a powerful gaming PC it wasn’t built for streaming. I’ll be focusing on other games until I can finally get the budget to build another pc to fix my streaming issues.

So look for to those retro games and some PC games that are easier to stream.

Retro Streamer

retro streamer

What are you waiting for?

Now, I know what you are thinking. Why should you waste your time with a small time nobody from a no where place in eastern kentucky? Because, I bring a friendly atmosphere. I try my best to stay family friendly during all of my streams. Some of my friends on the other hands during voice chats it is hard to filter them out but I apologize for that!

Why not give a simple country boy a chance? I could use all the support anyone could give. Wouldn’t it be something someday to see someone from a place called Magoffin County being a big twitch streamer playing castlevania bloodlines on the sega genesis? Showing your kids and his kids what gaming was like back in the 90s?

So come on, what are you waiting for? Just up and follow on the stream, I promise as long as I’m in a good mood we will crack jokes and carry on all day long.