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EZFlash IV

After a week or so getting the flash-cart up and working, reading everything there is to read about it. I’m overall pretty satisfied with my purchase as it does what I needed it to do and that was to play Gameboy Advanced Games, it does just that but it falls pretty short after that. I searched up a few things and found that the EZFlash IV was affordable and good enough.
Figuring out all the steps to actually get the thing to work IS the hardest part.
So it comes with some instructions… you might as well throw that useless thing in the GARBAGE, it says you can just stick whatever ROM you want on the SD card and it will work… Sadly this isn’t the truth at all.

Can you read Chinese?

It did, however, come with the latest firmware… too bad it starts out in Chinese which you will have to change to even have a clue what is going on.
EZFlash IV
This is where the EZ Flash IV really falls short, basically, it really WOULD work if you put a ROM on the SD, the thing is… it doesn’t know how to create a save file…
Yeap, it doesn’t know how you gotta do it…. Now the question is how do you do that? After searching through numerous posts about the EZ Flash-IV and becoming pretty upset that it lacks the capability of doing one would think an easy. So after reading more and more, pretty much a whole day worth of reading archived posts I came to find out you need a special tool that made the files readable and makes the .sav file for you! AWESOME!
Pretty much any official game works, I’ve tried a few “hacked” roms some work…. some don’t, even some homebrews worked great.


Another issue I had is the NES Classic games wouldn’t work for whatever reason, so found another interesting thing is that there is Emulator for the GBA, but also it wasn’t that easy to figure out at first, but with the right tools… pretty much with any jobs makes like a lot easier.
For the hardcore Pokemon fans, there is a big let down, the EZFlash IV does not support a Real Time Clock, this means real-time events won’t happen unless you patch it, luckily there are many patches out there to get what you need. I’m not a hardcore Pokemon fan so this doesn’t affect me in the slightest.
I found a whole pack just for the EZFlash called EZFlashTools which I will provide on my website here on this post, it makes NES, Gameboy Games, Gameboy Color games all readable from the flash cart with a few drags and clicks.


As far as the emulation, the NES sounds really weird.. but it plays at full speed so I’m still able to enjoy playing The Legend of Zelda on the go! Woooooo.
The Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROMs, seem to almost work perfect there is a downfall to that as well, though, you cannot use the FULLSCREEN it will play in its resolution period end of story.
If you want to know what emulator the GBA uses it is an emulator called Goomba, which you can read upon somewhere else.
Overall I give it a 3/5 for what it does it’s worth the amount of money which isn’t that bad I gave around $50 including shipping, and it does come with a MicroSD USB 2.0 reader for your micro sd card.
I also got the microSD version, stay far away from the other version it hates lots of issues.
Now if you excuse me I’m going to go play Pokemon Dark Violet on my EZFlash IV with my Gameboy Advanced SP.

Where can you get it?

Considering getting one? Comment down below and pick up off of the Amazon link below it helps the website!

EZFlash IV Newest version support 32GB Micro SD card


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