Fate of the Game: PWND PC Game Review

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PWND PC Game Review

This is a PWND PC Game Review from Real Gamers!

PWND PC Game Review

RELEASE DATE: Apr 6, 2018

DEVELOPER: Skydance Interactive

PUBLISHER: Skydance Interactive


Has great sound effects and the music is great. Some great voice acting as well. Funny voice-overs and wise cracks.


The graphics are great. It was made on the Unreal engine which seems like all the top games are made on these days. It does seem a bit fuzzy for some reason I’m not sure if that was intended or what. Overall the game looks great.


This is where the game kind of falls short. The game is enjoyable, but it has some annoying quirks. Movement isn’t all that great. When compared to other arena shooters such as Quake Champions movement feels way off.

This game borrows from the rest of the popular games such as overwatch for loot boxes and unlocks champions and champion health pool and armor.

You do however get all champions at first completely for free.

While it is fast paced like Quake Champions it just feels off. Not really sticking out from the crowd other than they you have to PWN someone.

Whenever you “PWN” someone you are vulnerable to all enemy attacks without having a way to defend yourself, leaving yourself completely defenseless. Which gives an extra element to arena shooters but it, in my opinion, is an unwelcome one.

The game is Free, which does give it a leg up and may be able to make a player base. Whenever Quake Champions releases Free to play I don’t see it living much longer.


If you are a tight budget and don’t want to spend $30 for quake champions or $60 for Overwatch, then yea I would recommend PWND.

It is a fun to pick up and play for the old school arenas with a twist and a great value as it is FREE. It does fall short whenever it is thrown up to the real competition though if it wasn’t free I hate to say it I wouldn’t have given it a shot.


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