Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege PC Review

Rainbow Six Siege Review

Release Date: Dec 1, 2015

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft


Rainbow Six blurs the line between fast-paced shooter and tactical shooter, with close quarter combat. This game caters to players who enjoy that type of play style. With a bevy of operators to choose from, you get skills that add to the uniqueness of the game. While this adds to the difficulty, it also increases Rainbow Six Siege’s replayability.  

With so many operators to choose from, the player-base offers many different types of team compositions. Making the games more competitive and dynamic as you compete against ever changing teams. Environments contain key destructible elements to add to a strategic assault or defense in-game, whether repelling from a skylight or blowing through an adjacent wall to assault the opposing team.

Defenders are given different items to choose from to help reinforce their position to keep the attackers at bay. Another thing is side specific weapons, which feel like they should be unlocked for everyone. Given that each side is already limited to the number of weapons to choose from this stagnates the gameplay to an extent. While the number of weapon selection is low, the attachments and modifications allow for a variety of custom load outs.


As far as games go, this game is masterfully crafted, with a large number of operators and numerous weapon attachments. A high-intensity, tactical first-person shooter that employs a think quick on your feet as you never know what type of operator you might be facing. In my opinion, this game will remain a staple and favorite of mine to return too. I highly recommend this game for any competitive first-person shooter.

You can pick up this game on the steam marketplace fairly cheap as it seems like it is always on sale.

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