The Fate of the Game: RUINER

Smango Gaming


Publisher: Devolver Digital

Developer: Reikon Games


My time with RUINER gave me the impression Blade Runner 2048 atmosphere with Hyper Light Drifter-type gameplay. With dashing, swordplay and gun-fights to defeat your enemies.  Our main story revolves around the games hero searching for his brother and destroying anyone and anything that gets in his way. Specifically, those operating for HEAVEN, the organization and main antagonist for the game. The game is set to a beautiful soundtrack of trance to get you through the constant gore and havoc. With a myriad of abilities and possible upgrades, a ton of weapons the way you choose to fight is up to you.

The only two negative aspects I found were the lack of maps and checkpoints. All of the levels felt linear, in that you could venture to a few. However, the lack of map meant you weren’t going in circles in those areas or getting lost. When it came to the checkpoints, they felt brutally far from one another. Traveling the ten minutes to the next checkpoint only to die from a dangerous encounter and have to start over.


With only those minor negative aspect, the journey through the campaign was enjoyable. The abilities offered in the game are extremely customizable, allowing you to switch between them on the fly.  This allows you to dictate the situations as one fight might require more defense than offense. Enemies started off as mindless attackers and advanced to skilled assassins as you progressed through the level. The Bosses difficulty were hard enough that it resulted in many deaths, to then finally learn their patterns and defeat them. With a captivating story to keep my attention on the events within the game, all of the characters felt interactive and engaging. It made me feel attached to the main character and the world surrounding him.

Score: 4/5

Author: Ryman from KN Gaming

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