Fate of E3: Bethesda 2018


Rage 2

Using Andrew W.K. as an opening act to get you hyped and excited about Rage 2 is just smart marketing. One of the most lovable metal heads out there. Right of the bat, Rage two seems to be heavily inspired by Bulletstorm and Mad Max. It’s a non-stop action packed, insane weaponry combo of delicious destruction. Games like this have a story, but always seem to get lost in the framework of the over the top combat. Looking forward to seeing more as it heads toward its release window.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Overhauled on their visuals, making the game accessible on all the consoles, allowing you to play now on mobile, pc and tablets. You account migrates across the platforms through you Bethesda account, letting you play anywhere. Adding to the already expansive card catalog that is there.


ESO: Summerset

Doom Eternal

With nothing to go on beside the CGI teaser, I can only home this doom gets back to what made doom spectacular.


Prey: Mooncrash

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

While to me the Wolfenstein game has lost its appeal, this new story peeks my interest, especially at it follows the daughters of the previous protagonist. Again, no game play, but the story that unfolds is enough to peek the interest of any gamer. A new generation of Wolfenstein players.

Skyrim Skit

Not afraid to take shots at themselves. A hilarious skit involving Alexa and Skyrim, with a familiar comedic face to make it even better.

Fallout 76

Set in the hills of West Virginia, which holds a special place for me, as throughout my entire life I have traveled into many parts of WV. Camden Park, Point Pleasant and Charleston to name a few places that you can visit within the game. An honest prequel to all the other games, Fallout 76 is 4x the size of Fallout 4. Which makes you wonder, just how much of WV did they use in the game. Will people who have been to these places recognize landmarks or specific points of interest.

One of the first to emerge, in a very vast and different wasteland than the ones we have grown accustom to in Fallout games. The game allows you to play drop-in and out Co-op. With its breathtaking vistas and beautiful environment, giving us so much increased in-depth detail. Each character is going to be a real person, making it completely a real and diverse game. Experiencing the game together, is something they want to see how it works and feels. Death doesn’t mean lost of character or progression, a softcore survival title.
Wide open world with few rules, allowing you decide which people are the good guys and which are the bad guys. Vault-Tec videos are fantastic, people can group or fight. Four-man crews look to be the limit. Though the entire place looks to be traversable together, but also solo. You can build wherever you want and move to different places. C.A.M.P. (Construction & Assembly Mobile Platform) allows you to build bases of operations, that are destructible and need to be defended.

Multiple Nuclear Missile Sites. With these you can change the face of the entire landscape, by finding and launching missiles into areas that allow you to blow-up sections. Giving the player the freedom to change the whole places with a nuclear weapon. Rare and valuable resources by nuking areas, but there is great risk in doing so. The game is also set to house 100% dedicated servers, that will support the game for many years to come. Collector’s Edition revealed. BETA Access (Break-it Early Test Application).

The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Mobile)

First-person RPG with a complete mobile experience. Interesting look, got to get my hands on it to really test its quality.


A new completely original world and story is coming, finally what seems to be a sci-fi adventure, by the masters of storytelling. Excitement is only contained, due to it being just another tease.

The Elder Scrolls VI

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of E3, even though it was a slow tease of what’s to come. Skyrim was released seven years ago, since then people have anxiously awaited any kind of news on Elder Scrolls 6, each year only brought us ports of Skyrim, remastered and ESO. So, with this tease, we are given finally a chance to see what looked to be a more bright and vibrant locale. Now all we must do is wait for word on a title and what this story will be about.