Square Enix E3 2018

Fate of E3: Square Enix 2018

Square Enix

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The third in the new Lara Croft story, follows here as she sets the apocalypse in motion from taking an ancient Mayan Relic, overcoming a brutal jungle environment. Racing against time and her foe, Trinity. Becoming one with the jungle allows her to use mud and the forest to blend in with the places around her. Hunting her foes with precision and misdirection, using things to lure and disorient her opponents to limit their numbers. Adding a variant in traversal additions and full swimming that allows for more underwater exploration. So far each of the previous installments have crafted and slowly opened the path to becoming the Lara Croft we all saw in the originals back on the original PS1.

Final Fantasy 14: Storm Blood Expansion: Patch 4.3 Under the Moonlight

Another expansion being expanded through patches. Adding more depth and color into the world of FFXIV. Fans push through an MMO’s content pretty heavily, while I stopped playing this game a long while ago, each add-on always draws me in with its ability to craft solid gaming elements.

Final Fantasy 14 combination Monster Hunter World

Not much is known, looks like the two universes my collide as a patch, holiday items or just general monster hunting in the FFXIV world.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Life is Strange world is an engrossing and highly developed story universe, to know and see that this is taking on the aspect of imagination through the eyes of a child as he becomes a superhero. Still dealing with the loss of his mother, raised by his single-parent father. Something tells me there is a much darker twist to the ideas and what is shaping up to be an astounding free story for everyone to experience.


Dragon Quest 11 Echoes of an Elusive Age

                While I have drifted in and out of each of these games, they have always been fun with a story and great RPG elements. I cannot speak much on this game, other than the story looks enjoyable and maybe somewhat entertaining, yet the side characters seem to be far more interesting than the main protagonist that you play as. The final scene makes you believe half of your followers fight on the side of darkness, while the other half fight for the light.

Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Exclusive)

Eight characters in a beautiful rpg setting, with many different classes to choose who and how you decide to level and play.

Just Cause 4

Destruction abound, added to with updated gear. Just Cause is a series that boast more fun than seriousness. I can only imagine that with the new extreme weather condition, it’ll make for some interesting videos and challenging fights to be sure. In the same league as Saints Row, it isn’t so much about the story being told, as it is all the fun you can have in the open world the game provides.

The Quiet Man

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts has pushed the envelopes with story based in a Disney RPG world, adding to the content of characters we know. More with all of the characters from all the other stories, we continue with Sora and how he touches the lives of the Disney characters as he continues to save them all from the heartless.