Fate of E3: Ubisoft 2018



Just Dance 2019

Ubisoft does its usual song and dance number leading off its show. It is not only something we as gamers have come to expect, but each year the employ talented musicians and dancers to perform and this year was no different. Each of the main dancers was dressed to look like a character from the game. With the large screens on the stage, showing what I would expect the in-game visuals to look like for the upcoming recent installment. While it’s not my ‘cup of tea’, there is something to be said for the consistency of a game that just offers fun, in the form of dancing.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

A game many waited on for years, continuing to wait as they tease beautiful CGI trailers, with memorable character and more questions than answers. Considered a “space opera”, Jade and Paige both return, as the game is considered a Prequal to the first one. You play space-pirate captain leading you crew on quests.

Action Adventure RPG, you can play single player and as well in co-op. The company decides to open to designers, artist, musicians, and writers. Through a program called the Space Monkey Program and partnered with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s company Hit Record, the develops plan to provide a platform so that everyone might get their chance to put something in the game.

Rainbow 6 Siege

Siege is one of those titles that you either love or hate, the difference being are you skilled enough to compete. Pulling no punches in its action and instead of making a new version each year, they’ve continued to commit money and time into its current iteration. Boasting a huge collection of operators and many different styles of play. With 2 ½ years under their belt, they’ve reached 35 million players on their game.

Ten seasons, forty operators and 19 maps, all free in-game. A level of commitment to a game, that gamers sorely needed, in a world where each year brings you a game, not much different than the last. Operation Parabellum is available now, adding even more reason to get back in or try the game. Rainbow 6 Pro League starts June 18th, six months of competition with the top Esports teams. “Another Mindset,” is a documentary that takes you inside the life of some of the Siege community gamers.

Trials Rising

Trials is a game that can be played and finished for fun, just to enjoy the difficulty and hilarious antics that you can pull off or find yourself in. In fun fashion, the creative director doesn’t care to make a fool of himself, with hilarious skits of his own. The new development is in the competition as many riders can now be on screen at once. More challenges, Ubisoft brought in many types of players to help develop the game and its tutorials.


The Division 2

The Division one on its release began with a slow start and many issues. With constant updates and DLC, they eventually got it right. The Division 2 is a completely new location, with a 6-month time frame jump forward, that most of the virus has burnt itself out. Though the new threat seems to be coming from within, as America is tearing itself apart. The game’s setting seems a little darker and dire as you fight back the tide of corruption.

New progression systems and three distinct types of agents, Sharpshooter, Demolitionist and Survivalist, but only after you finish the main story. Each with its own signature weapon that will help you and complement the rest of the gear you use. The more powerful you get, you also unlock exclusive versions of skills, available only to the class you chose to specialize in. The progression story affects how the civilians are affected, makes you wonder what will happen if you are given choices, does it really affect the world around you.

In team play, we are getting raids, for 8-man groups. Their year 1 plan, releasing three episodes, new story, new areas to explore and new activities, all three DLCs will be completely free.


Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure


Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones feels like the type of game we should have gotten from Sea of Thieves, large-scale ship battles, ability to partner up with other ships and turning around once the fight is over and betray comrades to steal the spoils of war. Beautiful in its design, the system seems to be on the same avenue of AC: Black Flag and AC: Origins, simple and yet can make for some fun and challenging fights.

The game has features like fortunes, where you are given a daily sort of buff to help or use to make your sea fairing tilted in your favor. Though with the good also comes the drawbacks of each fortune during the game. Larger more dangerous ships require a better group of allies, also using your environment to either catch or sneak up on a ship is useful. Given that you can steal the flag and sails of ships to hide the fact you’re a pirate. Each type of ship shown seemed to have its own special ability.



This new style of game, mixed with movie elements to enhance the story being told, as you play through. From beginning to end, the game adds to a very big psychological horror, as you are given a story about a child being sent into a digital space or fractured mind of the father. Partnered with Elijah Wood, using his company to using storytelling film elements to tell a dark and unsettling story.


Star Link: Battle for Atlas

Star Link looks promising, with a modular starship. With an open world universe, to discover and fly through exotic locales. It feels like another Skylander where you will need to buy stuff to constantly upgrade or change your ship. Something undeniably cool is that Switch is getting exclusively StarFox as on of the pilots and ships you can use and take ahold of. The price point will determine the make or break of this game. Miyamoto was in the audience and spectacular fashion, he is always so humble.


For Honor DLC Marching Fire

More for Honor, adding a new siege mode and the Chinese dynasty set of warriors to join all the other three factions. Ubisoft also giving away a free starter edition on Uplay for PC, until June 18th.


The Crew 2

Land, sea and air. If you can drive, fly or race it, they all seem to be in the game. Adding a unique dynamic to open world game, with limitless potential.


Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassin Creed has become a staple of storytelling. With epic locales, history lessons and game mechanics that seem to get seamless with each new adventure. Since adding the RPG element into the game with Origins, they’ve stuck to that with Odyssey as well. The game is set against the backdrop of Ancient Greece. The game is so mesmerizing, that it is almost a waste to write about it, I’d much rather you see it in its glory. As your main character carries the blade of Leonidas, this time allowing you to choose between a male or female from the beginning, The Peloponnesian war, playing the mercenary Alexios or Kassandra is the first of many choices that affect the world around you. Sharing the bloodline of Leonidas, using his spear.

Interacting with history, causing drastic changes by the choices you make. Being judged by every action you take, by the characters you interact with.  With each choice ultimately leading to a certain conclusion that affects the world in different manners.