A Hat in Time

Fate of the Game: A Hat in Time

Fate of the Game: A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

Release Date: Oct. 5, 2017

Developer: Gears for Breakfast

Publisher: Gears for Breakfast

Written by Borbujas

Edited by AgeLessFate



A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer, the main character is a brown haired, extremely cute and feisty little girl. She tries to locate an hourglass that she plans to use for her fuel in her spaceship, to get back home. As she journeys throughout the stages, she is picking up yarns, relicts, and pons, for in-game currency. The yarn helps you stitch different hats together, each which have different abilities.

The first hat you receive is the Kid’s Hat. This hat keeps you on track allowing you to find the next objective if you stray too far away. Your second hat is the Sprint Hat, allowing you to sprint to your destination. A little tip, if you sell your pons to collect a scooter badge, it changes sprinting into riding a golden scooter. One of the last hats I encountered and collected is the Brewing hat, it grants you the ability to throw explosive vials, break boxes and barrels, containing pons the most common collectible. Those are just a few of the hats, as there are many more to collect and numerous upgrades.

The main weapon she uses is a blue umbrella with yellow stars, she uses this to attack the Mafia men, the mad crows, and sleeping raccoons. The Mafia men will wave and offer and high-five to trick you, it ends up with you on the floor. Each world that I’ve visited has been beautiful, with bright colors inviting you to explore a lot more and notice its design.  The little girl can bounce off balloons and walk on the circus flags. It is a challenge to collecting enough pons and relicts, causing you to spend a lot of time collecting.


This amazing little girl continues to face different and difficult challenges throughout her journey. One of the challenges she must face is her ex-friend, the devious mustache girl. Mustache girl tells you she is trying to find the hourglasses to help save her town by going back in time. With all the drama will they ever be friends again? If you are looking for a game to take you back to the good old days of Mario or even Crash Bandicoot this is the game for you.