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My favorite 2017 Video Game Trailers the best of the best

I wish I could remember the first video game trailer I ever watched. I’m sure it was probably not as awesome as the ones I saw in 2017. Below you will see some of my favorite 2017 Video Game Trailers. These are just the picks of my favorite ones and games I normally play. Please share below or tweet me on twitter if there was a video game trailer I missed in 2017 that you think I might’ve liked.

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My Favorite 2017 Video Game Trailers

Let’s get this party started, shall we? Below you will find some of my favorite video games trailers from the year 2017.

Final Fantasy 30 Anniversary Trailer

Holy COW was that awesome.

I got chills watching this video! I’m 30 years old and I’ve played every single one of these. I’m a huge fan of the classics such as Final Fantasy IV and VI. Final Fantasy 7 and 10 rank up there as well, although there is nothing like the originals in my opinion. Looks like Final Fantasy XV has brought the franchise back on the right path. I really do miss that turn-based combat that some of the older and golden age of 16-bit Final Fantasies brought.

You should check out my Final Fantasy Series if you cannot get enough of Final Fantasy talk.

Hopefully, we will see a great Final Fantasy VII remake trailer in the coming years. Then we can all rejoice or hate on it whenever it arrives.

Quake Champions Offical Blood Covenant Arena Trailer

I love me some Quake action, its fast-paced, it gory, and it takes loads of skill to aim fast and accurate. But, I was a little let down by this trailer, to be honest, it’s not shot in 60 fps so it’s hard to tell the fluidity of the game.

As an old school Quaker, I was hoping to hear some old Quake III sounds in it but I couldn’t make much out of it.

I 100% joined up for the Closed BETA (which is no longer available and the game is now Free 2 play on steam.). You should visit https://quakefans.net for more Quake Champions action.


Quake Champions Offical Nyx Trailer

ID Software wasn’t done releasing just one trailer but another one. You can tell a bit more from this I think. Looks like characters have special skills now? Seems like they are stealing notes from other games made by Activision like Call of Duty and Overwatch. Ahhhhh, please don’t be a rip off Quake you are the ORIGINAL BAD TO THE BONE SHOOTER!

NYX does look like a fun character to play in the newest Quake game. Hopefully they add more champions to the game that we all can enjoy.

Injustice 2 Official Shattered Alliance Part: 2 Trailer

DC doesn’t do a lot right (those awful DC Comics Movies). Let’s also bring up the fact that DC stands for Detective Comics, then whenever you receive an issue it’s called DC Comics. So its called Detective Comics, Comics? What a strange name, I mean you use Comics twice?

I’m just poking fun at all the DC lovers/fanboys out there, by the way, its still kind of silly it is named that.

But when DC does do something right, then they hit the nail in the had. The First Injustice was sheer awesomeness this one looks like it’s going to be as good if not better than the original.

It was fantastic that they joined up with Netherrealms (Mortal Kombat) and truly brought another fighting game behemoth into play.

This trailer shows everything you need to know to get hooked! I cannot wait to pick up this game! The storyline looks fantastic. Anyone want a piece of “The Flash” you add me on PlayStation TrogdorISmango. I’ll be waiting online to see if you can catch up.

Super Mario Odyssey

A new Nintendo Console, and a new Mario game. Come on what isn’t to love here? This game looks like a throwback to the Nintendo 64 era without all the gimmicky motion controls. Just pure Mario platforming goodness here. I really look forward to getting this game and spending some time with my son in the latest and greatest Mario game.

With this new Hat that appears to be able to transform into enemies should add some extra flare to the Mario series.

God of War

Everyone should always be excited whenever a god of war game is announced. This one looks just as awesome as older entries but now Kratos is a father.

I’ve loved just about all of the God of War games there is just something amazing about swinging be awesome chain blades at people doing combos. The exploration and the amazing graphics never disappoint. Let’s hope that the chain-blades make a comeback or at least show up in this game.

Spider-Man (PS4)

Remember Spiderman 2 and how awesome it was? Well, this spiderman looks that good. I’m a little disappointed that it is a PS4 exclusive since I’m mostly a PC gamer. However I do have a PS4 so hopefully, I can pick this game up once it comes out and play it. Spiderman has always been one of my favorite Superheros/comics to read.

This game looks simply amazing and looks like they finally figured out the awesome web-swinging action that once graced the console’s game in the day. Will the web-swinger finally make a comeback, seems like the Batman Arkham series has been leading the pack on how a comic book game should be like now.

Best of 2017

2017 Video Game Trailer Injustice 2

Honestly, I don’t really have a true 1 takes all pick. They all look great maybe I can come back and revisit this post with a new one. I’m a little biased whenever it comes to Quake games as I’ve really been wanting another one so I’d have to say that it was the one I was most excited for and to see. All of these trailers I’ve picked are my favorites of all the 2017 trailers that are out there though.

Did I miss a trailer you’d like to see on the list? What was your favorite 2017 video game trailers? Post them down in the comments below or hit me up on twitter!