First Impressions: Destiny 2 – The Warmind Expansion 2

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First Impressions: Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion 2

Many of the community members and myself had little to no hope for the Destiny 2 Warmind stream. The last time we received a DLC (Downloadable Content) reveal for D2 (Destiny 2) we’d been told that we would receive the most rewarding public event ever.  The product ended up only giving us two tokens and a blue.

So, I can say that this time around, we saw way more. The focus of the stream centered on the excavation protocol. The new ritual event seems to be part horde mode, archons forge and extended glimmer extractions.  Like Archons Forge from D1 (Destiny 1), you fight a wave of enemies. At the end of that wave, you must defeat a boss. The waves grow progressively harder as you move from one to the next. With the final wave having a boss that changes week to week. The type of loot you receive is dependent on the number of bosses and waves you finish. Each week for a five-week period you will see a different boss at the end of the event, hopefully extending the cycle and its replayability if you miss one.

Destiny 2 Warmind


When Bungie announced this reveal, they also mentioned that they wanted something that was a little harder to accomplish. So that it would convince us that they’d provided us with something more engaging good for the grinding of endgame content. Pointed out by one of the casters, who mentioned that people at the summit had died and kept dying. What I felt was quite disingenuous was the fact that players in the reveal had said they didn’t receive gear, though all seemed maxed. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the players to reach max light. No matter what happens, we are going to eventually max out. Once we reach max, will we have other goals to pursue or be regulated to the same repetitive grind? Beyond obtaining all the gear, will it have any replayability? Is this the best way to max out our light?

The Stream

One bright spot in the Destiny2 Warmind stream was the reveal of two different weapons that are exclusive only to the event and that’s not even including the loot. The Valkyrie is a new heavy weapon spear melee-type, that can be thrown or used for a slam. Hive swords return from D1, allowing us more chances at melee combat. With loot reveals we seem to be getting gear inspired by the Siva stuff from Destiny 1: Rise of Iron. A worthy endeavor for any guardian wishing to add more looks to their repertoire.

See the reveal trailer of Destiny 2 warmind here.

Warmind and Mars

With our first look at Mars, we get to see the devastation it suffered at the hands of Dominus Ghaul and his world-eater using Mercury as fuel. The haunting beautiful scenery and an even deadlier looking hive foe to face. It would have been more enjoyable if they’d shown more panning images and not just where the ritual takes place. We do know that we are getting at least two world events and one lost sector. Story-wise, we see that whispers of Hive Gods that might be involved in this content. While it is unlikely that we’ll face-off against Hive Gods, we do get the mention of several strikes. Much like Destiny 1: Dark Below set us up for The Taken King, maybe this is a setup for what is to come.


Now for what I feel is the least enjoyable part of the whole experience. They failed to mention anything about the new raid lair. No hint as to how the Calus storyline will wrap-up, for Calus to have spoken way too much, I hope it just hasn’t been revealed. That as release happens more details come to light. With good changes coming on the horizon, the content is shaping up to add more than Curse of Osiris did in the first expansion of D2. Now we wait in anticipation, for the release of Destiny 2 warmind.

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