fortnite on new years 2019

Ninja Streams Fortnite on New Years 2019!!

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Ninja Streaming Fortnite on New Years 2019 could be the biggest gaming event of all time. I really can’t believe this is happening right now.

I turned on twitch to find out that Ninja was streaming for the New Years Ever Party going into 2019. This is simply amazing.

Not only is this a huge event for Ninja himself but this is a big event for GAMERS period.
Watch live video from Ninja on

You can watch the event here or go directly to Ninja’s twitch channel –

I will add the VOD to this event later! Support Ninja and Twitch on this historic event!


Here is the Video on Demand for the Ninja New Years Stream

Watch Live in Times Square for the Ninja New Years event! The last stream of 2018 from Ninja on


fortnite on new years 2019

If you don’t know who Ninja is he is quite frankly the biggest Fortnite Battle Royale streamer on Twitch. Not to only mention that his Youtube channel is huge and has a massive following. Ninja has been a twitch streamer for a very long time, starting being a pro at Halo. He has streamed with famous celebrities like Drake and Marshmello.

Ninja is a very uppity and energetic Fortnite player he is always yelling at the screen (mostly in a playful way), cracking jokes, and his famous Pon Pon dance.


So it is easy to say that he a pretty good entertainer with his amazing Fortnite kills and his demeanor on screen.

Streamers get upset over Ninja AD

Come to find out that a lot of other streamers such as Doctor Disrespect another highly regarded streamer. Was pretty pissed off about the fact that Twitch was putting ads of Ninja for the Fortnite New Years 2019 streaming event. On his channel and a bunch of others.

He felt as if most of his viewers are going to be stolen and going to view Ninja’s stream on New Year’s Eve.

I kind of get where he is coming from, but this is a HUGE event. This event is going to put streaming even more on the map.  Just think about it, this is huge for gamers and streamers all together.

I’m sure he probably could’ve joined the event but perhaps he wanted to do his own thing? I have no idea but below is a video of his distress over the matter.

Don’t watch really much more than 30 seconds of this video as its the only thing that discusses or shows the tweet.

Ninja’s Friends join him

If you’ve spent any time on Ninja’s twitch channel you know he usually streams with a group of his buddies.

Timthetatman, DrLupo, and CourageJD. They honestly don’t really lose a lot of Fortnite Squad battles whenever they are all together. It’s pretty epic to watch and they are all in attendance for the Fortnite New Years 2019 event! I’m telling you right now this event is massive! I can’t believe it’s really happening to be honest.


What is Fortnite

If you don’t know much about Fortnite and you are a gamer. I really don’t know how can hide from it because it’s literally everywhere. Fortnite is taking over the world.

So for those who don’t really know really what Fortnite is and why it is so popular let me try to explain why it is.

Fortnite does have a “campaign” or sort of a story mode. But, that is not what makes the game popular. Save the World you must pay to play to unlock it and play it in BETA or Closed BETA.

Technically, Fortnite is still in Early Access I’m guessing it is because of Save the World and not what is truly making it Popular.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is the mode that has put it on the map. It is literally the top streamed game and played video games of all time.

Battle Royale Pits you against 100 other players on a map. You can land anywhere you want from a plane onto the map. The catch is that there is a storm coming which can eventually kill you and shrinks down the entire time. I guess I must point out if you are killed you are out of the game. So eventually the map is so small as the storm shrinks, you have no options other to eventually fight to be the last one alive. Being the last one alive makes you the winner of the game.

You can imagine that being the last one left alive would be hard enough but that isn’t all. You also have random weapons that spawn in chests and different spots around the map. Also, you have an armor system when you can replenish with armor potions. This grants you an extra 100 damage you can take increasing your survivability.


You thought that was it right? Not only do you have to do all of that. There is a building system in the game. This allows you to put up walls, ramps, floors, and roofs. Using resources that you collect with a pickaxe such as Metal, Stone, and Wood.

All this mixed into together makes for some pretty interesting gameplay and is pretty entertaining to watch at a very high level. So you can imagine all these professional Fortnite players what kind of gameplay is produced live and recorded.

This is really a summary of all what is included in Fortnite obviously there are some other things that go on but this is the core gameplay.

Why is Fortnite so Popular?

Fortnite Save the World

Fortnite is popular because it can become played on almost anything. PC being where the true dogs are really competing such as this event.

But, Fortnite is available on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iPhones, iPads and Some Android devices.

That doesn’t really explain why its popular does it though?

It helps that Battle Royale is completely FREE to play. There is also no blood or gore in the game so the game gets a Teen rating reaching an even bigger audience.

Other battle Royale games are for the most part pay to play like a normal game. For whatever reason Fortnite going Free 2 Play even including the Save the World part eventually and the cartoonish like graphics conjured up the perfect mixture. Not only are kids enjoying this game but top-notch pro gamers and adults love Fortnite.

Fortnite ends up making money selling a battle pass which unlocks skins for your character in-game. You also have the option to purchase in-game currency which you can use to dress up your in-game toon as well. That’s it, there are no other fees to play Fortnite Battle Royale.

One more thing to toss into the mix, they have made it where you can virtually play with anyone in cross-platform. Literally making Fortnite playable not only on everything imaginable, but you are able to play with your friends on anything they have laying around.

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all have a blessed New Year in 2019! Also, enjoy the Fortnite on New Years 2019 streamer brought to you by Ninja! I’ll be watching tonight and I hope you do as well!

2019 should have plenty of surprises for us in the gaming world. Not only in the gaming world but the real world as well! It’s really untelling what a New Year will bring us and I hope to whoever is reading this that it is all GOOD.

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