Full Tech Youtube Channel has Launched!

The Full Tech Youtube channel has officially launched!


More ways to listen

The Full Tech Podcast now has its own YOUTUBE Channel.

Don’t worry for all you fan outs there that love to listen to it on podcast directories. They will still be there.

The Full Tech Youtube will just be hosting Full Tech Podcasts. Nothing else! The plan is to get some of our older content over there first so we can remove them whenever necessary.

Exclusive Gaming

This particular episode talks about how everything is/has been exclusive for so long. If you are a gamer you really understand this. There are so many games throughout the years that didn’t show up on your console you had. If you wanted to play them you either had to buy another gaming console.

Or hopefully had a rich friend that had them all plus the games to possibly borrow from.

YouTube video podcast

Full Tech Youtube

We will be featuring in the older podcast video-game game play in the background. Going forward hopefully in 2019 we hope to record everyone’s webcam and get it up on the channel. Perhaps alongside more video games! So far on the channel, there are 2 up since this posting. If there is a certain game you’d like to see being played in the background please let us know in any of the comment sections.

Most of the older podcasts that has a theme will of course probably include that theme. Anyways be sure to subscribe to the channel if you are a YouTube buff because this is going to be the podcast YouTube channel!

Tech Stuff Podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that talks about tech stuff. Then stick around we do enjoy talking about some of the latest technologies. If it about internet, streaming, some of the latest phones, (making fun of apple) then we usually discuss it.

Technology is awesome but it is scary sometimes we talk about how to protect yourself from the evils of the internet.

I’m hoping to get the podcast at least good enough to appear on the top tech podcasts to listen too.

Podcast Feeds

The original Podcast Feeds will still exist and will be available. I’m hoping that whenever space becomes limited that we can remove older podcast. That way we can use the YouTube channel for free archiving. Smart huh?

This way we can always keep fresh and up to date stuff on audio only the feeds. Easier for everyone whenever you are driving and listening to the podcasts!

If you are wanting the feeds they will be listed below!

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play

Video Game News Podcast

Not only does Full Tech just talk about tech. We also focus on the latest gaming trends. Weather it be the latest Fortnite rip off or battle royale game we try to talk about them all. We are pretty experienced in all types of video game genres. Going back from the very early days of the NES to all the way to the modern stuff PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. I guess you can kind of say we are a retro video game podcast too, but only sometimes.

On the website I like to review video games and stuff too. So be sure to check that our we also have a Steam Curator. Which we review games and sometimes even receive free games to review.

Podcast Recording Equipment

I’ll be sharing out all my equipment used for streaming, podcasting, and everything over on Smango’s Corner.

There you can find all the mixers, gaming equipment, and stuff there! I’ll share everything I use and do to create podcasts and videos! I’ll even try to throw in some hints there for the podcasts.

More Channels

KN is opening up even more YouTube channels. A live streaming YouTube channel for Let’s Play and Recordings.

And a review channel. Just for reviews about games or technology that I have acquired! I’ll link them down below.

KN Tech and game reviews

You can find the link here.

Here you find all the tech and gaming reviews I will decide to make! This will include anything that almost runs electricity to it in my house.

This means gaming consoles, arcades, phones, tablets, mice, keyboards etc. This should be a decent little channel for all you nerds out there thinking about getting a product!

Smango Plays

Smango plays will be my new home for gaming. This include retro games, modern and Quake Champions.

Sometimes I will stream with a cam, others I might not it will be according to if I need a certain type of footage! Be sure to check it out thought I’ll be streaming at various time as there is no schedule yet. I will probably update it here and in Smango’s Corner though.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter! @realkynerd