Console Bracket

The Greatest 90’s Console Bracket First Round Vote NOW!

I love filling out Brackets!

So why not fill out a bracket about the greatest 90’s console! I’ve been thinking about a few brackets and a console bracket just feels right and nerdy!

Console Bracket

As you see we got the 2 biggest and badest as #1 seeds.


Console Bracket voting will be on facebook and twitter.

I will be making some polls for people to vote, or heck you can fill it out and send it into [email protected] so I can tally up the votes. Let’s find out who is the greatest console in the 90’s

Polls for the Console Bracket

You can vote here or on Twitter for Round 1, Should last a few days then we will go onto the 2nd round.
Game 1

RD. 1 #1 SNES VS #4 Sega Game Gear free polls

Game 2

RD. 1 # 2 Gameboy Color VS. # 3 NES free polls

Game 3

RD. 1 Game 3 # 1 Sega Genesis VS. # 4 Sega Saturn free polls

Game 4

RD.1 Game 4 # 2 Sony Playstation VS. # 3 Nintendo 64 free polls