How to add a podcast to android device


How to add a Podcast such as KSR to an android device

You might be wondering how to add a podcast to an Android device as it might not be as simple as iTunes.

While I love android phones way more than an iPhone. It can be quite difficult to get all the podcasts you want into one place.

Google music is a great place to find music, but it’s not that great for Podcasts. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who uses google music to listen to podcasts.

There are tons of 3rd party apps on the store that you could use, what we are going to focus on is Podcast Addict.


Follow these Steps

Adding the KSR Podcast is just a few simple steps on android!

Step 1. Install Podcast Addict or your favorite podcast feed app.

Step 2. Closeout Podcast Addict Search for iTunes KSR Podcast Feed

Step 3. Add another awesome podcast! Thanks for watching!


KSR Podcast – Feed

Weird Appalachia – Feed


Don’t like reading? Here’s you a video

Add all the podcasts you want!

Grab those RSS feeds and going on a podcast listening spree!

Maybe you want some suggestions for podcasts?

We have you covered for some of the most interesting podcasts you should listen to!

You are going to need a good pair of headphones

Unless you are driving in a car and listening to podcasts as I do. Then you are going to need a great pair of headphones.

Something inexpensive and comfortable!

I highly recommend the headphones I wear, for listening or heck even recording!


how to add a podcast

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