Kentucky Basketball – Kentucky Vs Alabama this game means something.

When I was young I was introduced to Kentucky Basketball at an early age.

To most people in Kentucky, Kentucky Basketball means everything. We don’t have pro sports, we have a few minor league teams around. This is one thing that I’ve always glad I’ve always gotten into. Most nerds like myself have a hard time in social events on what to really talk about. Not everyone knows what the final boss on Final Fantasy IV is or what the heck Final Fantasy even is.

I’ll tell you one thing, though, if they are in the state of Kentucky they probably know Kentucky basketball or what happened over the weekend. This has always given me an upper hand whenever getting to know someone else that isn’t quite as nerdy as me (Trust me that is a lot of people) because I enjoy Kentucky Basketball and I know a decent amount about it. I’m no expert never claimed to be. I have however been called not a “true” UK fan before which was completely unnecessary because I know, I know more than a common person should.

I sure as well as other nerds of my caliber, it is hard to communicate to some people. So a big shout out to my mother always pushing me to play sports and got me into Kentucky Basketball at an early age. Without that, I’d be LOST on what to talk about in all social events.

Kentucky Basketball vs Alabama today means more than you think.

Listening to the radio analysts, and KSR podcasts Calipari really let the team know he means business. After the way the team had been playing lately, they needed a good gut jerking. I believe they had a 3-hour practice. What are we missing on this team? I believe it is just that tough guy, that takes no crap. We have had that over the years, and I believe we have the guy to do it. Bam is that guy, but where is his toughness at?

Someone just needs to make him mad, I use to be the same way in high school football. It would take someone actually making me mad before I would just want to lay someone out and put them on their butt.  So where is bam’s ferocity? I hope it kicks in today.

We need to win this game today, so we can get a nice rank in the NCCA Tourney. This means tons today it shows that we have kicked it up a notch and want to play hard fought basketball. I wish half the team knew half the heritage of Kentucky Basketball. For what it means to the fans that support it. It brings the whole state in as one and unites all sorts of different folks including myself.

Alabama might have Football, but we are Kentucky Basketball!

Kentucky Basketball

Let’s go out and show the tide today what it really means to step on the same court today as a Kentucky Basketball wildcat. They show us every year what it means to play Football lets do the same today and get our foot holder and make a run in the tournament. It starts today! Let’s go BIG BLUE! The Gold Standard!

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