Present the J and J Sports Show!

Kentucky Nerd Officially starts a Sports Show.

The sports show will be a facebook live show which we will upload to youtube later.

We will have live call-ins and questions and just randomly talk about sports!

It’s always kinda been a dream of mine to sit around and talk about sports so I figured hey why not do it with the technology we have today. I got to talking and thinking…

I said to myself that it’s not really a podcast but really a Sports Show it needs to be its own thing separate from the podcast.

Quickly created the Facebook Group.

We created a group today to show that it is its own thing. is still the rightful owner but it will do better as its own show and not a part of a so-called technology and nerdy podcast.

Come and join the Sports Show!

We are welcoming all people!

The Kentucky Nerd podcast is still alive too.

We also created a group today, and this is where we will be taking question about video games, technology, and politics.

Groups are a wonderful thing as it kind of lets you put people together who you know might watch or listen and target the audience!

We can’t wait to get ready. We haven’t done as many lives as me and the SportsNerd have done but the Politicalnerd is up and looking forward to the task!

You can join up here – 

Come join the Sports Show and the Podcast Group!

It’ll be great once we get tons of people. I can’t wait personally.

It was a rough weekend watching our beloved cats lose on Sunday.

The Sports Show we are shooting for every Wednesday around 7 P.M.

The Podcast is usually filmed on the weekends or late sometimes!

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