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KN best podcasts and the only podcast network you need!

Since we turned into an official podcasts network we host some of the best podcasts. We are still trying to get tons of more people interested in the idea.

Every week I myself am trying to bring a tech podcast and with a new co-host bringing a sports podcast.

I love listening to podcasts, recording podcasts, editing and working on podcasts. But, it is a lot of work.

The Best podcasts we have

We have Weird Appalachia a huge hit in the art world

Best Podcasts

Full Tech

Best Podcasts

Looking for another gaming podcast? Sure why not!? Also talking about the tech world also!


We need advertisers!

Looking to get your name out there? Why not have your name shouted out across the internet in one of our many podcasts?

With all this hard work we’ve all put into the website, hosting, and editing. It would be awesome to have some backing!

How do you even get advertised on one of the podcasts? Well just send an email to advertise@kentuckynerd.com and we will be in contact from there, it’s that simple.

Not only do we do podcasts, we game too.

If you are a PC gamer looking for a home, then you have come to the right place.

With multiple communities managers, we play all sorts of video games, check it out here in our official recruiting post.

Beginner? No problem we will help you and learn alongside you with our excellent team members.

Maybe you don’t want to advertise but just want to help out.

That is completely fine too, we have a donation button on the right side of the website!

Our you can just click this.

This sends it directly to John’s Paypal and he will always announce his donations on the official Twitch Channel

or website thanks to you unless you send it anonymously and don’t want too.

More Podcasts to come

With all that being said.

We have several more podcasts coming and joining up. We are working very hard behind the scenes to get even more content out to the world wide web.

KN wants to have the best podcasts we can have!