Friendly Dauntless Guild

Friendly Dauntless Guild

Our Friendly Dauntless Guild is rapidly growing and already has several officers!

There are no special Requirements we are looking for we are taking all skills levels!

We have over 1100+ members in discord right now playing multiple games!

If you are looking for people that are normally the age range 21+ then this is for sure the place you want to be.

The Leaders of KN, most of us have a family and full lives to live outside of gaming, so don’t be discouraged, dads and moms… We understand.

We still love gaming, PC Gaming, Retro, Consoles, heck if you don’t like games we still have plenty of chats! Maybe you are just looking for a friend to talk to that is completely fine too!

How to Join the Friendly Dauntless Guild

Click Me!
Click me!
  • You must join our discord server – https://discord.gg/AQUfDRS
  • Be 16 years of age
  • Being Friendly and overall active in the community you will reach a very high potential
  • Please be patient if no one is there to invite you to the guild it is new and we are working to get more active officers

If you are new to Discord don’t be discouraged! We have made it as simple as possible. Most discords require you to type in a command to join, ours no longer does! 

With a simple click of the Dauntless Icon, you can get access to the Dauntless Chats! Just don’t forget to click on the KN logo as well to join all of the general chats available! 


Be sure to join all the games you would even think about playing we have people in them all willing and wanting to play with YOU.

xKNGx Guild News

KN Gaming or xKNGx for the Dauntless Guild is still looking for a “Head of Dauntless“.

What this means is that you would have full control over how the guild operates with tons of help from the Community Owners and Managers.

Ever wanted to help lead a thriving gaming community? Now is your chance!

Just message me your interest to Kentuckynerd#2019 in Discord!

KN Gaming
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