Destiny 2 PC Clan

Destiny 2 PC Clan

Destiny 2 PC Clan KN Gaming [KNG]


If you are looking for the best Destiny 2 PC Clan on the planet then you’ve landed on the right spot! Join us as we make our own fate in Destiny 2!


How to Join

You must join DISCORD first.

Click Me!
Click Me to Join Discord

We have a brand new way to assign yourself roles! With just a click of a button, you can remove and add yourself from any role you see fit!

Discord Roles

Go to #d2-join_the_clan for easy steps to join us!


Extremely active Destiny 2 PC Clan

Our clan is lead by experienced Guardians who delight in teaching newly found lights how to combat the darkness, whether this be in Raids, Nightfalls, Crucible, or anything else Destiny 2 has to offer.

So whats stopping you? Join up in Discord now so you join the clan right now!

Rules of the Destiny 2 PC Clan

  1.  Treat others with respect. If someone isn’t doing something right, don’t get mad, try and work with them to improve.
  2. Registration on Guilded and Discord is required before acceptance to the clan. Activity is currently judged by the Speaker and the Consensus. We monitor the discord and the guilded. We will contact people we feel are not participating (if we can) to find out why.  Genuinely, we want you to have the best experience you can in Destiny 2.
    1. Power Level 335 is required to be admitted into the clan on This ensures dedication and that you have the latest DLC. We are more than happy to help you get up there if you need it. For a limited time, we are allowing all entries in preparation for Prestiges and Forsaken!
  3.  After 1 Week of no milestones completed you will be removed from the Bungie clan and given the faded light role. Initially, this may seem harsh. Let me put this into perspective. Play 6 games of the crucible in a week. Do 3 heroic strikes. If you get in a raid with us, that’s 30 minutes of your time to complete a milestone. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you, let us know and we will be willing to make exceptions.
  4.  Noob shaming does nothing but create hostility and make sure people won’t want to play with you. This is important enough to mention twice if someone isn’t doing well, help them improve. The worst thing you can do to someone is tell them that they are bad, they’ve always been bad, and always will be bad.

Completed Raids

We have completed all raids since Destiny 2 began and show no sign of stopping.

The Leviathan Raid – Between our top 10 raiders we have over 800 Clears, 389 of those are Prestige. We LOVE helping people through.

Eater of Worlds – Top 10 Raiders have 392 Completions.

Spire of Stars – We beat this raid before level cap, within the first 1800 Guardians to do so! We love teaching this raid, and many of us consider this the best raid we’ve run.

Warmind DLC – We beat all 7 waves of EP within the first 3 days of Warmind. We consistently run EP farms and have plenty of people who can help you get your World Line Zero.

Great Raid Leaders

Our Destiny 2 leaders have completed speed runs with some of the best times on the planet. Willing to teach newcomers new and some old we have a great staff.

The Destiny 2 Clan Leaders name is Face, you may contact him with anything to do with Destiny 2. You may also message any community manager on discord to better assist you.


Weekley and Daily Events

With an overload of content to do now with the latest Warmind Expansion. We have decided to start using Guilded.

Guilded allows us to schedule calendar events, while the Discord server is EST that doesn’t matter anymore! Using guilded you can check the times that each leader sets and guilded uses your local time!

Guilded you must APPLY in order to be accepted into the clan now! This allows us to better manage our current roster.

Destiny 2 PC
Click me to apply to the KNG Guilded Site

Just looking for a group?

Maybe you are already in an awesome Destiny 2 PC Clan? That doesn’t matter! You can still come in and join up and use some of us to party up with that is completely fine!

We are just a clan that loves Destiny 2and we want the fun to continue.

Need help with those weekly milestones?

There is always someone online, just about any point of the day! I’ve been pinged sometimes at 3-4 A.M. in the morning someone looking for a group! It’s nuts but we love it!

“I just want clan rewards.”

We do not encourage this type of mindset. We want everyone to enjoy Destiny 2 as much as we do, and strongly feel that for this to happen, you should be part of an active clan.

However, as long as you stay active in Destiny 2, you will stay part of the clan. We don’t ask much… but that you complete at least 1 weekly milestone!

We do check, and we do kick from the clan but not discord. If you don’t meet the requirements in Destiny 2, we will grant you the Faded Light Role. All you have to do to get back into the clan is reapply and let us know you are back!

Friendly environment for Destiny 2?

While there isn’t much we can monitor in voice chat if you are just wanting to chat about destiny 2 without being blown up by curse words. We have a bot that mointors all of that text chats in the discord. So we keep at as family friendly as possible if someone is abusing voice they will be dealt with by a staff member and will not be tolerated. Everyone that plays Destiny 2 PC with KN Gaming will be treated friendly and giving a fair shot.

Serious but not super serious.

We are what some would call an above average casual clan. We do have hardcore people, but we also have casual people. The founder of KN is very casual whenever it comes to gaming so he couldn’t even be in his own clan if it was very hardcore! We are one size fits most clan. PvPers and PVErs are everywhere. Hardcore raiders or every now and then raiders. Everyone is welcome. Our main goal is to enjoy Destiny 2 and make sure that our members have the best Destiny 2 experience that they can.

Well… What are you waiting for?

You’ve made it this far, why not go ahead and join the Destiny 2 PC Clan? Maybe you are looking for all the other games we play?

If that is so you might as well go ahead and join up discord now because we play TONS.

Still looking for ALL the games we play?

Then click this button and I hope KN Gaming finds exactly what you are waiting for!


KN Gaming
All Games KNG Play Click HERE


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