Fallout 76 PC Guild

[KNG] Fallout 76 PC Guild

Fallout 76 PC Guild

You’ve made it to the landing page for the KNG Fallout 76 PC Guild Discord.

Welcome to KNG!  We are recruiting all players for the PC Platform!

We hope you enjoy your stay at KNG and enjoy the Discord Gaming Community that we have built!


How to Join the KNG Discord

Click Me!

  • You must join our discord server
  • Be 16 years of age
  • Being Friendly and overall active in the community you will reach a very high potential
  • Please be patient if no one is there to invite you to the guild it is new and we are working to get more active officers

Are you new to Discord don’t be discouraged! We have made it as simple as possible. Most discords require you to type in a command to join, ours no longer does! 

With a simple click of the Fallout 76 Icon, you can get access to the Fallout 76 Chats! 


Be sure to join all the games you would even think about playing we have people in them all willing and wanting to play with YOU.

A bot will also be messaging you to remind you of what to do and perhaps you should watch the video!


[KNG] for Fallout is PC Only

Fallout 76 PC Guild
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You must have the full game on the PC and only on PC. We will not be supporting any other platforms for Fallout 76.

Friendly Leaders and More

Fallout 76 PC Guild

As our community continues to grow as well as our Fallout 76 PC Guild.

We will be needing more leaders and friendly people to play with! The friendlier you are the more likely you are going to be noticed and receive a higher position within the community! We are always keeping an eye out for a Game Leader for each game we play. I hope you are ready to join a great group of people willing and always wanting to play the latest release!

Our discord is growing rapidly and we are meeting literally tons of new people EVERYDAY. Make new friends with people across the world! It is truly amazing how much we have grown in little over a year.

We want to be the friendlest and best Fallout 76 PC Guild we can be.


Streaming and Content Creators

KNG is also trying to do its best to support our official KN streamers. Log on and get a little help from the community and get pushed by our staff to achieve twitch greatness. Got the perfect setup and idea to do Community events? Perfect you can host it and get an amazing amount of viewers!

Our content creators are very important to us. Don’t start with an empty Discord, get your own channel, and roles for your viewers and fans and have them join the Discord!

We only accept quality streamers, as long as you provide quality content no matter the viewer count and you are willing to support our tag and discord you will have our backing.

KN Content Creators is a rapidly growing role! We will be needing some to Stream and support out guild on Fallout 76! Come be our only streamer for this game and help recruit while live!

Join a great and upcoming community now!

The wait ends now, now is the time to join and let’s bring this community to greatness!

You’ve made it this far, why not go ahead and join the Fallout 76 PC Guild? Maybe you are looking for all the other games we play?

If that is so you might as well go ahead and join up discord now because we play TONS, and I mean tons of GAMES.

Still looking for ALL the games we play?

Then click the image below we hope KN Gaming finds exactly what you are looking for!

KN Gaming

Make sure you have a decent keyboard before stepping into Fallout 76!