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KNG Fortnite Team

You’ve made it to the landing page for the KN Gaming fortnite team recruitment for Discord.

Welcome to KNG!  We are recruiting all players for the PC Platform!

Battle Royale and Save the World! That’s right we not only play PVP we also play Save The World!

KNG’s fortnite team has grown rapidly since it does help that Battle Royale is free and is a smash hit!

We are working our ways to having a competitive BR Team and more.

How to Join the KNG Fortnite Team

Click Me!

  • You must join our discord server
  • Be 16 years of age
  • Being Friendly and overall active in the community you will reach a very high potential
  • Please be patient if no one is there to invite you to the guild it is new and we are working to get more active officers

Are you new to Discord don’t be discouraged! We have made it as simple as possible. Most discords require you to type in a command to join, ours no longer does! 

With a simple click of the Fornite Icon, you can get access to the Fortnite Chats! Just don’t forget to click on the KN logo as well to join all of the general chats available! 

Fortnite Team

Be sure to join all the games you would even think about playing we have people in them all willing and wanting to play with YOU.

A bot will also be messaging you to remind you of what to do.

KNG Fortnite Team Recruitment News

Our Fortnite Team is lead by KN Sneaky Assassin who is working hard to deliver helpful tips and tricks in the game!

We have about 3 full squads right now of active members willing to play with just about anybody!

KN Gaming
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