KNG is OPEN Recruitment for Paladins on PC!

You’ve come here for recruitment for paladins on pc! What you have discovered is a team that is up and coming and we need all the pieces!

Not only do we want to grow in Paladins, but we also play tons of other games in a large and very organized discord.

Please join our discord gaming community for more information on all the games we play!

Paladins have multiple roles and KNG is looking for fill all of them

We are quite literally still starting up the full recruitment for Paladins team. Some of us are still looking to reach the playlist of ranked!

Want to coach? We need it!

Always wanted to play the tank? Yeap we need that too.

KNG is looking for all the right pieces to fit. Most of our matches will always be streamed on twitch on the KN twitch channel

Right now we barely have enough to throw a team together our, thoughts is to be able to scrimmage each other and get better before competing so we are taking anyone, highly skilled or just starting out and wanting to grow and become better!

Still not sure?

KNG has a ton of great leaders in other games, so maybe you want to play in other games before taking the dive into our paladins’ team. Like I’ve stated we are just now getting the ball rolling but we are looking to build from the ground up!

Join up in discord and get that paladins role and let’s talk about it, we are up for just about any suggestions you just have to contact us! Let’s grow together as a gaming community and as a team.

Click Me!


Discord is required anyway for all of our games. Login join roles and let’s go.