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PC Black Ops IIII Clan

Welcome to the PC Black Ops IIII Clan [KNG] Page

You have arrived at the official [KNG] page for the PC Black Ops IIII Clan.  You could also say PC Black ops 4 clan too it is really whichever you prefer, honestly, we don’t really care. We just want friendly and great people to game with and grow the community even further!

Congratulations, because I know after reading this post you will be wanting to join up right away! Come build a up and coming gaming community built for all the Nerds and Geeks out there in the PC Gaming world!

Obviously, this is for the PC Version of the game feel free to pick up off of Amazon and support the clan!

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How to Join

KNG Is a Discord Gaming Community.

PC Black Ops IIII Clan
Click me to join the Discord Gaming Community

This means that the only big requirement is that you join our official KN Gaming Discord Server.

After Joining Discord

Be sure to let us know who you are! Where you are from what game you are excited about playing with us! We have a ton of games we are associated, join all of them if you want!

Our discord is set up so that all you have to do is click a button to get the role that you want. For Black Ops IIII, simply click on the logo for Black Ops 4! this grants you access to all the chat and voice channels!

PC Black Ops IIII Clan

It is so SIMPLE! If you have issues with it be sure to message an officer on discord in a direct message or ping them in the introduction channel!

We do have a strict chat moderator as we are pushing to become a discord partner! So if the bot filters some of your common terms don’t worry it is for a good reason!

The only way to get partnered is to have a strict and decent chat for all humans to enjoy!

Friendly Leaders and More

As our community continues to grow as well as our PC Black Ops IIII Clan. We will be needing more leaders and friendly people to play with! The friendlier you are the more likely you are going to be noticed and receive a higher position within the community! We are always keeping an eye out for a Game Leader for each game we play. I hope you are ready to join a great group of people willing and always wanting to play the latest release!

Have a Clan for Blackout

PC Black Ops IIII Clan

Blackout is the new mode introduced in Black Ops IIII. Unless you have been living under a rock for quite some time, you know that Blackout is the Call of Duty Answer to the Battle Royale scene.

Queue up with your KNG buddies and get out on the field and pwn the noobs, all ya gotta do is join up in the Discord!. That is it! Considering that we are a discord gaming community that is all that we really require!

Go on the hunt for the best weapons on the field. We believe that PUBG will cease to exist after the COD:BO4 official releases on October 12, 2018.

You know you want an awesome PC Black Ops IIII Clan to game with why not make it KNG.

What else are we looking for

KNG is looking for enthusiastic recruiters and game leaders. We will be recruiting pretty hardcore for a great game leader for black ops 4. If you think are up for the task and want to help make this place a great community you are more than welcome to try out. Just send the leader a DM while you are on discord! We will interview you and discuss your responsibilities.

Main purpose

We are all here to have fun and make great friends across the country.

The Discord is already large as we are supporting a HUGE Destiny 2 PC Clan

We plan to keep recruiting for all the games as well. You might as well join us because you would love to have you join our ranks!

PC Black Ops IIII Clan

This is a recruitment post

I’m not going to beat around the bush. We REALLY want you to join and become a part of our community! The more people, the merrier, and the more people to play with! I’m tired of all these other “gaming” communities that never play games together. KNG wants to play games with you! ALL OF THEM. Got a game you want to try out? Suggest it and we can try to build a community around it.

First, this is first you got to join up in DISCORD or won’t even know you exist!

Official Forum Clan Post

If you want to help reach and even bigger audicene you should check out our forums post!

Maybe one-day KNG can reach the top and become the greatest COD clan out there. We are a brand new COD clan so we are looking to grow each and everyway that we can!

Well, what are you waiting for join the PC Black Ops IIII Clan TODAY.

The wait ends now, now is the time to join and let’s bring this community to greatness!

You’ve made it this far, why not go ahead and join the PC Black ops IIII Clan? Maybe you are looking for all the other games we play?

If that is so you might as well go ahead and join up discord now because we play TONS, and I mean tons of GAMES.

Still looking for ALL the games we play?

Then click the image below we hope KN Gaming finds exactly what you are looking for!

KN Gaming

Make sure you have a decent keyboard before stepping onto the Black Ops 4 battlefield!

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